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Exercised writing an Option as per Rule No.6 within 3 months

RULE No. 6 Exercise of Option - (1) "The option under the provisos to Rule 5 shall be exercised in writing in the form appended to the Second Schedule so as to reach the authority mentioned in sub rule (2) within three months of the date of publication of these rules or where an existing scale has been revised by any order made subsequent to that date, within three months of the date of such order. Provided that – (i) in the case of a Government servant who is, on the date of such publication or, as the case may be, date of such order, out of India on leave or deputation or foreign service or active service, the said option shall be exercised in writing so as to reach the said authority within three months of the date of his taking charge of his post in India; and (ii) where a Government servant is under suspension on the 1st day of January, 2006 , the option may be exercised within three months of the date of his return to his duty if that date is later than the date presc

6th CPC recommends withdrawal of Risk Allowance

6th CPC recommends withdrawal of Risk Allowance All categories of jobs that involve inherent element of risk with deleterious effect on health over a period of time should instead be provided with free medical and life insurance of Rs.5 lakhs for employees in PB-1 pay band ; Rs.7 lakhs for employees in PB-2 pay band; Rs.10 lakhs for employees in PB-3 pay band / higher pay bands / scales. To offset the effect of inflation, amount of the insurance should automatically be increased by 50% every time the DA payable on the revised pay goes up by 50%. The entire expenditure on paying premium for this insurance will be borne by the Govt. The amount insured will be paid in case of any serious injury or death sustained in the course of employment and will be over and above the others benefits with mandatory health check-ups every quarter and enhanced leave, wherever the same is necessary for proper recuperation. Further, the Govt. should ensure that latest technology and greatest level

Quantum of pension increased to the old persioners

Family Pensioners : The enhanced family pension shall be payable to the family fo a Government servant who dies in service from the date of death of the Government servant for a period of ten years, without any upper age limit Pensioners: The quantum of pension available to the old persioners shall be increased as follows... Age of Family Pensioner Additional Quantum From 80 Years to Less than 85 Years 20% of Basic Family Pesion From 85 Years to Less than 90 Years 30% of Basic Family Pesion From 90 Years to Less than 95 Years 40% of Basic Family Pesion From 95 Years to Less than 100 Years 50% of Basic Family Pesion Above 100 Years 100% of Basic Family Pesion Once an employee renders the minimum pensionable service of 20 years, pension should be paid at 50% of the average emoluments received during the past 10 months or the pay last drawn, whichever is more beneficial to the retiring employee.It is, however, clarified that the pension of a post 1.1.2006 pensioner shall als

Casual Labourers with Temporary Status

Casual Labourers with Temporary Status Casual Labourers with Temporary Status will continue to receive their wages as per provisions of the Casual Lahourers (Grant of Temporary Status and Regularisation) Scheme, worked out on the basis of the pay scales for Group ‘D’ employees as per- 1S Pay Band and the corresponding Grade Pay recommended by the 6th CPC.

Encahment of leave in respect of Central Government employees

Encahment of leave in respect of CG employees : (Those who are retire after 1.Sep.2008) Consequent upon the decisions taken by the Govt. relating to encashment of leave, both Earned Leave and Half Pay Leave shall be considered for encashment of leave subject to overall limit of 300 days. The cash equivalent payable for Earned Leave shall continue unchanged. The cash equivalent payable for Hal Pay Leave shall be equal to leave salary as admisible for Half Pay Leave plus Dearness Allowance admissible on the leave salary without any reduction being made on account of pension and persion equivalent of other reirement benefits payable. To make up the shortfall in Earned Leave, no commutation of Half Pay Leave shall be permissible. The cahs equivalent for half pay leave component shall, henceforth, be calculated in the manner indicated below,Cash payment in lieu of half pay leave component=Half pay leave salary / 30 x Number of days of half pay leave. These orders shall take effect

SCREENING COMMITTEE - Granting the benefits under the ACP Scheme

SCREENING COMMITTEE A departmental Screening Committee shall be constituted for the purpose of processing the cases for grant of benefits under the ACP Scheme. The composition of the Screening Committee shall be the same as that of the DPC prescribed under the relevant Recruitment/Service Rules for regular promotion to the higher grade to which financial upgradation is to be granted. However, in cases where DPC as per the prescribed rules is headed by the Chairman/Member of the UPSC, the Screening Committee under the ACP Scheme shall, instead, be headed by the Secretary or an officer of equivalent rank of the concerned Ministry/Department. In respect of isolated posts, the composition of the Screening Committee (with modification as noted above, if required) shall be the same as that of the DPC for promotion to analogous grade in that Ministry/Department. In order to prevent operation of the ACP Scheme from resulting into undue strain on the administrative machinery




JOINT CONSULTATIVE MACHINERY  JOINT CONSULTATIVE MACHINERY IN ORDNANCE FACTORIES JCM – I , JCM – II , JCM – III , JCM – IV In 1967 Govt. of India introduced the ‘Scheme for Joint Consultative Machinery and Compulsory Arbitration’ for Central Govt. employees. The objective was to promote armonious relation, securing greatest measure of cooperation between Govt. in its capacity as employer and the general body of its employees in matters of common concern and increasing the efficiency of the public service. The Scheme provides for setting up of Joint Councils at three levels viz. (i) National Council (JCM-I) functioningat Cabinet Secretariat (ii) Departmental Council (JCM-II) functioning at the concerned administrative Ministry and (iii) regional / office council (JCM-III) functioning at the lowest level of the administrative set-up. For Ministry of Defence Establishments, however, a four tier arrangement was agreed to and accordingly in the case of Ordnance Factories in

Fixation of pay on promotion after 1.1.2006 option under FR 22(I)(a)1

Fixation of pay on promotion after 1.1.2006 option under FR 22(I)(a)1 The government orders on implementations of revised pay on 6th CPC recommendations have been issued, in that clarification on FR22(I)(a)1 rule released on 13.10.2008 an anomaly pointed out... For example: An employee who got promotion after 1.1.2006 opts for promotion date as per rule FR22(I)(a)1 (recommended in Vth pay commission) and gets new basic pay after fixation. Now the same employee gets less basic pay as per the rule of FR22(I)(a)1 (recommended in VIth pay commission) as opts for the promotion date. So the difference between the rule of FR22(I)(a)1 in Vth pay commission and VIth pay commission as be seen. But in selection of Increment date no diffrence has come. Employee - A : when opts Promotion Date... Pre revised Basic pay as on 1.Jan.2006 4400(4000-100-6000) Increment Date Feb & Rs.100 Revised Pay in the pay band & Grade pay as on 1.Jan.2006 8190+2400 (PB-1 5200-20200) Annual increme

CSD Price List: CSD Rats of Cars

CSD Price List of all items : Latest Price List of All Items Available in CSD Canteens Latest CSD News Registration for GST and filing of monthly returns Only 50% of GST Rates will be charged to URCs All Brand CSD Dealers (Post GST) CSD Car Prices 2017 - Post GST Rates POST-GST CSD CAR DELHI PRICES OF ALL BRANDS – EASY SEARCH TOOL CSD Dealers - All Depots Dealers Contact Details Latest All Brand CSD Car Delhi Post GST Prices – Sep 2017 CSD Car Prices will be Consistent Across the Country Clarification regarding Charging GST for AFD items in CSD Canteen Govt has declared 50% exemption of GST to CSD List of 35 CSD store depots across the country CSD Rates & News CSD facilities to Family Pensioners of the Retired Defence Civilian Employees CSD Canteen facility to Defence Family Pensioners – DDGCS letter issued on 10.3.2016 CSD Chennai Price List 2016 : Bajaj Two Wheelers (AFD) Motor Cycle Extension of CSD Canteen Facilities to retired Defenc

Defence Civlians Medical Aid Fund (TB, Cancer & Leprosy)

Medical Aid Fund (DCMAF - Defence Civlians Medical Aid Fund) This Fund was established in 1953 as Defence Civilians Welfare (TB, Cancer & Leprosy) Fund. However, after its scope was enlarged it is now known as Defence Civilians Medical Aid Fund ( DCMAF). It is a Society registered under Societies Registration Act 1860. The Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to its members in case they or their dependents suffer from specified ailments. In case of TB, Cancer or Leprosy · Nutritious Diet Allowance @ Rs.800/- per month After Care Allowance @ Rs. 600 /- per month upto 6 months (after having completed domiciliary treatment). Ex - Gratia Grant of Rs. 20,000/- to the family if member patient dies. · Reimbursement of the cost of X-ray films and other laboratory tests.


National Council (JCM) A list containing the up-dated names of Recognized Federations/Confederation/ Associations functioning under Defence fold and names of new Members of the 11th term of the Departmental Council (JCM), MoD (Annexure I,II & III) is sent herewith for inclusion in the mailing list. They are requested to endorse copies of all general circulars/general orders & instructions to all Members of JCM, Federations and Associations. They are also requested to forward copies of these orders to US(Coord/IT) in a soft copy for putting up the circulars in the website. They are requested to endorse copies of all General circulars/general orders & instructions to all Members of JCM, Federations and Associations. They are also requested to place copies in the website. LIST FOR INCLUSION IN THE MAILING LIST ANNEXURE-I 1. Secretary , Staff Side National Council(JCM), 3-C, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi – 110 001. FEDERATIONS/CONFEDERATION 1. General Secretary,


CSD – UNIT RUN CANTEEN RIGHTS OF THE CSD CUSTOMER YOU CAN DEMAND: Testing of all consumer durables including electrical appliances, in your presence, and to your satisfaction. • Guarantee cards duly filled, signed and stamped by the unit-run-canteen (URC). • Replacement of faulty products within warranty period. • Proper and efficient after-sales service and CSD’s intervention in case of complaints. • Food articles with adequate shelf-life. • Consumer promotion schemes as applicable. • To see Pictorial Price-List and Monthly Bulletins, published by the CSD. • Information on availability of items Against-Firm-Demand (AFD), like automobiles, televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines. • Appointment of dealers for AFD items in your town, if it has a major concentration of entitled CSD customers, and if such dealers exist in the civil market. • Visit to the CSD Area Depot once a month on a date fixed by the Station Commander.

Effective use of JCM Scheme - DOPT Circular

Effective use of JCM Scheme The undersigned is directed to say that instructions have been issued from time to time for making effective use of the JCM machinery. The Staff Side have, however, highlighted that periodic meetings of JCM are not being held and that Departmental Councils have also not been re-constituted in some of the Ministries/Departments. In view of the concerns expressed by the Staff Side during the 42nd National Council meeting, the following instructions are reiterated:- If you are interested to read all the instructions , Pl. go to

Employees of Ordnance Factories in India

The employees of the Ordnance Factories are categorized in four groups for the purpose of compensation in regard to their work viz. 1. Group A & B Gazetted Officers 2. Group B & C Non Gazetted Officers 3. Group C & D Non Industrial Employees and 4. Group C & D Industrial Employees Industrial Relations are governed by ID Act, 1947. As per provisions laid out in this act Works Committee, etc. are constituted which lays down the foundation of workers participation in certain areas of decision-making. However, in our organization participative management is further strengthened by forums like Joint Consultative Machinery, Productivity Council, Safety Committees, etc. Weekly Holiday : Sunday is the weekly holiday for which no separate payment is admissible. Duty Pay or Time Wages for the Day Workers including the Maintenance Workers are calculated for each month on the basis of actual attendance for the month according to the following formula: P * A / (N -


Day O.T. Hrs. OVER TIME CALCULATION (FOR ORDNANCE EMPLOYEES) OVERTIME HOURS If a Worker works for more than 44 & 3/4 hours in a week, the Extra hours will be treated as Overtime Hours. Monday 8 Hrs. Tuesday 8 Hrs. Wednesday 8 Hrs. Thursday 8 Hrs. Friday 8 Hrs. Saturday 4 3/4 Hrs. Total 44 3/4 Hrs. Example- 1: Suppose a Worker worked as follows in a Week. Hence his Overtime hours are: 51 &3/4 - 44 &3/4 = 7 hrs. OT Bonus - 7 hours OT Single - 8 hours DOT - Nil Day O.T. Hrs. Monday 10 Hrs. Tuesday 8 Hrs. Wednesday 9 Hrs. Thursday 10 Hrs. Friday 10 Hrs. Saturday 4 3/4 Hrs. Total 51 3/4 Hrs. Example- 2: Suppose a Worker worked as follows in a Week. OT Bonus - 6 hours OT Single - 9 1/4 hours DOT - 4 1/4 hours Day O.T. Hrs. Monday 9 Hrs. Tuesday 9 Hrs. Wednesday 9 Hrs. Thursday 9 Hrs. Friday 9 Hrs. Saturday 9 Hrs. Total 54 Hrs. Example- 3: Suppose a Worker worked as follows in a Week. OT Bonus - 5 hours OT Single - 16 1/4 hours DOT - 4 1/4 hours Day O.T. Hrs. Monday 9 Hrs. Tues

History of Pay Commissions

History of Pay Commissions The first pay commission was constituted in May 1946, and had submitted its report in a year... The second panel had been set up in August 1957 and had given its report exactly after two years... The third pay commission set up in April 1970 and gave its report in March 1973... The fourth pay commission Constituted in June 1983, its report was given in three phases within four years... The Fifth Pay Commission was set up in 1994 and implemented in 1997 ... In July 2006, the Cabinet approved setting up of the sixth pay commission and implemented in Aug-2008


Advances for Central Government Employees :- HOUSE BUILDING ADVANCE - COMPUTER ADVANCE AND VEHICLE ADVANCE Most of the VI Pay Commission orders are released with official notification (Gazette) followed by departmental confirmation and notification. But so far we have not come across notification with regard to advances for the purchase of Vehicles, Housing Loan etc. Sixth pay commission says that all the loans/advances will be carried out by Banks with 2% subsidy on the eligible amount. Is it possible to know when the official orders will be released and reach the departments. Hope many of the central governmental employees are eagerly waiting for the gazette notification and official communication.



Diffrence between Pay Band and Pay In the Pay Band..?

What is the different between Pay Band and Pay In the Pay Band? Pay in the pay band means pay drawn in the running pay bands. Pre-revised basic pay with multiply factor of 1.86 on 1.1.2006 Pay Band means nothing but Pay Scale According to the Grade Pay there will be start and end figure. Example: PB-1 5200 – 20200 PB-2 9300 – 34800 Grade Pay means the pay fixed amount corresponding to the pre-revised pay scales Basic Pay means (in the revised pay structure) pay drawn in the prescribed pay band plus the applicable Grade Pay only.

Night Shift Allowance for Industrial Employees

Night Shift Allowance for Industrial Employees 1. NIGHT DUTY ALLOWANCE (NDA) 2. NIGHT SHIFT BONUS (NSB) Night Duty Allowance : Industrial employees are entitled to get Night Duty Allowance @ 10 minutes for each hour of work done between 22.00 hrs. to 06.00 hrs. in the night shift.  The prescribed hourly rate for Night Duty Allowance is (Pay + DA + CCA) / 200. (For Night duty performed between 2200 hrs and 0600 hrs. Calculated on the basis of  Weightage. Weightage is given as 10 minutes for every 1 hour of night duty, while calculating number of hours of Night Duty, than 30 minutes..... rounded of to 1 hour.  Less than 30 minutes.....ignored.)  NDA is calculated on the Weightage with a specific Rate. This Rate is determined by the Govt. from time to time Example: An Industrial Employee is working in Night Shift between 22.00 hrs & 07.00 hrs. The total working hours will be 9.00 hrs. But Night Duty Hours calculate from 2200 to 600 only, Night Duty hrs is 7 hrs. Weight


Order from Ministry of Defence dated 16th August 2007 Armour Welding Allowance at the rate Rs. 280 per month be granted to Master Craftsman Grade Rs.240 per month to Highly Skilled Grade and Rs.200 per month to Skilled Grade The ‘Armour Welding Allowance’ was granted to eligible employees o f HVF, Avadi w.e.f.1st Jan 1986 and to similarly placed employees of OFP, Medak w.e.f.19th 1991. The ‘Armour Welding Allowance’ is being granted to the Welders with special skills over and above, what is admissible to ordinary Welders. This allowance is considered as an incentive for the additional exertion caused by sustained exposure to elevated temperature while carrying out Armour Plate Welding. Besides the welders who are in receipt of this allowance are periodically tested and in case, they fail in the test the said allowance is discontinued. It is noteworthy that the recipients of the said allowance are however no entitled to any risk allowance or compensation. More details in Gov

More DOPT Circulars for Central Government Employees

MORE ORDERS FROM CENTRAL GOVERNMENT Department of Personnel and Training Compiling of Orders issued by DoPT Latest DoPT Orders 7th CPC revision of pay scales - Amendment or Service Rules/Recruitment Rules – DoPT Orders National Anomaly Committee Agenda - Dopt's objection FAQ on timeline for completing Disciplinary proceeding in time bound manner under CCS (CCA) Rules Classification of Posts under the CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 - Dopt Orders Discontinuation of Central Secretariat (Deputation on Tenure) Allowance to officers of Organized Group ‘A’ Services Consolidated Instructions on Incentives for Sportsperson Recommendation of 7th CPC with regard to EDP Cadre – Dopt Orders DoPT Orders November 2017 Over Time Allowance (OTA) to Operational Staff – Seeking Inputs/Comments 7th CPC Deputation Duty Allowance Over Time Allowance (OTA) to Operational Staff - seeking Inputs/Comments 7th CPC Minimum Wage – NC JCM Proposed Items and Co