In 1967 Govt. of India introduced the ‘Scheme for Joint Consultative Machinery and Compulsory Arbitration’ for Central Govt. employees. The objective was to promote armonious relation, securing greatest measure of cooperation between Govt. in its capacity as employer and the general body of its employees in matters of common concern and increasing the efficiency of the public service.

The Scheme provides for setting up of Joint Councils at three levels viz.

(i) National Council (JCM-I) functioningat Cabinet Secretariat

(ii) Departmental Council (JCM-II) functioning at the concerned administrative Ministry and

(iii) regional / office council (JCM-III) functioning at the lowest level of the administrative set-up. For Ministry of Defence Establishments, however, a four tier arrangement was agreed to and accordingly in the case of Ordnance Factories in addition to JCM-I (National) and JCM-II (Departmental), the following Joint Councils were set-up :- JCM – III : functioning at OFB HQrs.

JCM – IV : functioning in each of the factories under OF organisation.

The Scheme clearly demarcates the jurisdiction of the Joint Councils at each level, the items and the circumstances in which these will qualify for compulsory arbitration by a Board of Arbitration consisting of these members, one from Official side, one from Staff side and a Chairman who will be an independent person. Subject to the overriding authority of Parliament, recommendations of the Board of Arbitration will be binding on both sides.

The Scheme, Constitution of Third and Fourth Level Councils for Defence Civilians, Draft Rules for the conduct of business of these Councils, Declaration of Joint intent regarding the common approach of Govt. of India and the employees organizations to work the machinery of Joint Council and Compulsory Arbitration and forms for nominations of Staff Side Members of the Departmental Council were forwarded to DGOF, amongst others, under Ministry of Defence letter No. 7(2)/66/D(Lab) dtd. 24-7-1967.

The factories had been furnished with copies of these documents under DGOF Circular No. 652/A/W dated 3rd November 1967 and asked to forward copies thereof to the recognised Trade Union(s), recognised Associations and Works Committees functioning in the respective factories. JCM-III at DGOF HQrs. and JCM-IV at the factories have been formed in accordance with the provisions laid down in the scheme and the constitution for these Councils. The special meeting(s) of the convened to transact the following business:-

(i) Signing of Declaration of Joint Intent.

(ii) Adoption of Draft Rules for Conduct of Business.

List of recognised service associations


1. General Secretary,All India Defence Employees Federation (AIDEF),SM Joshi Bhawan,Survey No. 81, Elphinstone Road, Kirkee, Pune – 4111003
2.General Secretary, Indian National Defence Workers Federation(INDWF) No-6, 6th Street, Vaishnavi Nagar, RCC Post, Chennai 600109.
3. General Secretary, Bharatiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh(BPMS) 2-A, Navin Market, Kanpur – 208 001.4.General Secretary, Confederation of Defence Recognised Associations(CDRA), 96, Defence Apartments, G-17 Paschim Vihar, Rohtak Road, Delhi-110087.
General Secretary, All India Naval Stenographers Association, 13-3-16, Bhujanga Rao Pet, Maharani Peta, Visakhapatnasm – 530002General Secretary, Civilian Driver Gr.I AFV Association IndiaRZ-46, L-Block,Mahavir Enclave, Palam, New Delhi 110045
General Secretary, DGQA Orgn. Stenos. Assn.C/0 CQA ME, Aundh Road, Khadki, Pune – 411003.General Secretary, All India Defence Employees Civ. Motor DriversD – 158, Ext II, Nangloi, Delhi –110041.
General Secretary, All India DRDO Personal Staff Association,H-248, Sarojini Nagar,New Delhi – 110023.General Secretary,DRDO CivilianM.T. Drivers AssociationLASTEC Metcalfe House Delhi – 110 054
General Secretary, All India MES Clerical Cadre & Gp.D Employees Assn. Central HQ AIMCCGDEA, C/o CE Delhi Zone, Delhi Cantt-10.General Secretary, All India EME Civilian Personnel Assn. 25-40/1/1,Anantha Saraswathi Nagar,East Anand Bagh, Malkajgiri, Secunderabad-500047
General Secretary, All India AOC Clerks Assn, H.No. 244, Sant Nagar, (EOK) New Delhi – 110 065. General Secretary, All India Def. Civilian Clerk’s Assn of AOC & Record Offices, 13, Pashchim Vihar Extn.New Delhi-63.
General Secretary, DRDO Admn. Staff Assn.B-16/5 DRDO Township ,CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore – 93.General Secretary, All India Def. Estate Employees Assn.C-3116, Indira Nagar, Lucknow-226016.
General Secretary, All India NCC Def. Civilian Employees Assn.C/o NCC Dte. Karnataka Goa, 8, Cunningham Road, Bangalore-560052.General Secretary,All India Association of ClericalEmployees of Ord.Fy,CE HqrsC/o Metal &Steel Factory,Ishapore-743144.(W.B)
General Secretary,DGOF Employees Association,10-A, S K Bose Road,Calcutta. 700001General Secretary,All India Naval Clarks Association,C/o HQ Southern Naval Command. Kochi.
General Secretary,All India DGQA Clerical Association,CQA(HV), Avadi,Chnnai-600054General Secretary,Ordnance Factory Board Employees’ Democratic Association,10-A S.K. Bose Road,Kolkata-700001
General Secretary , All India MES Civ. D/man Assn.National Executive Council, Kashmir House, New Delhi – 110011.General Secretary,All India Defence Conservancy Safai Karamachari Association,House No.T-83, Old Nangal,Delhi Cantt. 10
General Secretary, All India Naval Draughtsmen Association, A-33, Kailash Colony, New Delhi – 110048.General Secretary, Draughtsmen Assn. of DGQA 3, Ethiraj Lane, Moses Street, Gandhi Nagar, Avadi, Chennai-600054
General Secretary, Scientific Workers Assn. in DGQA, 2, Navin Market, Kanpur –208001General Secretary, All India Assn. of Scientific WorkersC/o QAE ME, Khamaria, Jabalpur- 482005.
General Secretary, All India MES Civilian Engineers Assn.T-4 No.4 Poultry Farm Area,Delhi Cantt- 110010.General Secretary,All India Assn. of EME Supervisory(Tech).20-A Ayodhya Kunj, Agra.
General Secretary, Ordnance Tech. Pers Assn (NI) Gautam Niwas, A-2/372, Sector-8, Rohini, Delhi-110085.General Secretary,Defence Marine Engg. Tech Staff Welfare Assn. C/o DQA WP, H-Block, New Delhi - 110011.
General Secretary,Indian Def. Estate Service Tech. Staff Assn.C/o Office of DGDE,West Block IV, R.K. Puram, New Delhi.General Secretary,All India DGQA Tech. NGO’s Assn.CQAL Campus, JC Nagar,Bangalore – 560006.
General Secretary,All India Def Employees EME Tech Supervisor Association,R-556, Mangol Puri,New Delhi, 110 083. General Secretary,All India Naval Tech. Supervisory Staff Assn. Naval Dockyard ,Mumbai – 400023.
General Secretary, All India Assn. of NGO’sOrdnance Factory Khamaria, Jabalpur – 482005General Secretary,DRDO Senior Technical Asstt. Assoc.2, Navin Market, Kanpur 208001
General Secretary, All India Assn. of Store-keeping Staff (AOC)D-499, Gali No. 14,Sadh Nagar, Palam Colony,New Delhi - 45General Secretary , All India Civ. Store-keeping Personnel Assn.(EME) WZ-400 B, Raj Nagar, Palam Colony, Delhi – 110045
General Secretary, All India (MES) Barrack & Store Cadre Assn.Room No 74, South Hutments,Kashmir House,New Delhi-110011.General Secretary, Naval Store Storehouse Staff Association,GWH – Material Organ, NSD Ghatkoper, Mumbai – 400086
General Secretary, All India Air Force Storekeepers Association,C –6/189-B, Keshav Puram Delhi – 110035.General Secretary,DRDO Stores Staff Association, No.2448, 17th Main, 16 Cross,IInd Stage, Kumara Swami layout,Bangalore - 560078
General Secretary , All India Def. Accounts Assn.(CB)C/o CDA(O), Golibar Maidan, Pune-400001General Secretary , All India Defence Accounts Employees Assn.C/o CC of A(Fys.), 10-A, Shaheed Khudiram Bose Road, Calcutta-700001
General Secretary, Indian Ordnance Fys. Non-Tech Supervisory Staff Assn,C/o G/IT-135,Armapur Estate, Kanpur - 9
Security Staff Association
General Secretary, DRDO Security Staff Association, Central OfficeC/o LRDE, C.V. Raman Nagar, Bangalore-560093
General Secretary,All India Naval CivilianTechnical Officers Assn.,DSP/NHQ, Room No- 200‘D’II Wing, Sena Bhawan New Delhi – 110011. General Secretary, Indian Navy Civilian Officers Association, Naval Dockyard , Vishakhapatnam - 530014
General Secretary,Indian Navy CivilianDesign Officers Assn., Dte of Naval Hqr.,A – 33 Kailash Colony,New Delhi – 48.General Secretary, All India CSD Officers Assn., Mandalay Lines, Range Hills, Khadki, Pune – 411 020
General Secretary,Indian Ordnance Factories Gazetted Officers’ AssociationHIG-8, ‘B’ Block,Panki, Kanpur-208020-


Anonymous said…
Govt is kind enoough to increase GP Rs,4,600/- from 4,200/- to Tech Personnel, and Assistants in CS. initially the announcement was Rs.5,000-8000 5,500-9000,& 6,500-10,500 would be merged in one scale. But the Govt gave more pay to those who re already in receipt of higher salary. Always DGQA Estt (Defence Civilians) are paid low compared to other Central Govt Offices. Hence it is requested to pay us also at par with CS. because promotion chance for the indidividulas those who have crossed 50 years of age cannot think. because in my own case after 24 years of service ie at my 48th year i got my first promotion from LDC to UDC . How pathetic it is. please see this anamoly and eradicate once for all so that elderly people like me would get some financial benefit out of it. Thanking you.
sathyanandan said…

AIDEF (Through State Committee, AKMESEU, Kochi)

May we hope that YOUR GOOD SELF will take up our grievances with the appropriate authority/ in the national JCM.

Sir, Civilian Motor driver grade I and MCM were equal grade pay of Rs. 2800/- till the implementation of 6th pay commission. Now the Grade pay of MCM have been upgraded with the grade pay of Rs. 4200/-. Court verdict during 2001was as follows: "
……..to grant the applicants the pay scale of Rs.1400-2300/- for the Master Craftsman/Head Staff Car Driver, presently existing in the Railways, from the date of filling of the OA and to grant arrears and to allow consequential benefits."
Drivers filed the case during 1993 and the verdict came during 2001 implemented with four grade structure. That is after the implementation of ACP scheme wef 09 Aug 1999. when it is clear that ACP Scheme the only category exempted, was better than the promotional scheme with the four grade structure granted with effect from 1993, it is not under stood, why the promotional scheme implemented to drivers and ACP scheme was not granted concurrently with the promotional scheme as similar to the MACP scheme.

At least 50% of senior most Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers) have the right to get promotion as Special Grade, in the Grade pay of Rs. 4200 in the pay band 9300-34800 those who are completed more than 20 years regular service as per the letter enclosed herewith, and it is not clear why the policy was not implemented as said in the policy letter referred above. Since the senior most drivers are accumulating due to the ban on recruitment.
Earlier there was three grade structure such as Grade II ,Grade I & Special grade, which was in favour to CMDs. Second promotion as special grade were getting the pay scale of Rs. 1320-2040 which was equivalent to Rs. 5000-8000 in the 5th pay commission comparing to the pay scale of MCM. All the categories whose pay scale were 1320-2040 in the 4th Pay commission were granted the pay scale of 5000-150-8000 in the fifth pay commission and they got 4200 grade pay in the 6th pay commission except Staff Car Drivers. The four grade structure promotion has been introduced wef 1993 instead of three grade structure with the grade ratio system of 30:30:35:5, which was very adversely affected promotion of Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers)with comparison to all other group C categories. All those who are initially appointed in the Group ‘C’ category, were granted the Grade pay of Rs. 4200 in the pay band 9300-34500 after completion of 24 years under ACP scheme except Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers) .

Therefore, the grade ratio of CMD (Special grade) has to be revised to 40% instead of 5% and the implementation of three grade structure in case of Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers) also by merging the CMD Gde I and Special Gde into one grade is very essential in the ratio of 30:30:40 as the 50% senior most CMDs are having more than 24 years of regular service. That is a genuine request for justification or time scale promotion be recommended to Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers) as per court verdict. As soon as CMDs Gde I who are completing 3 years are eligible for promotion to CMD Special grade and the promotion has to be granted forthwith. As Justice delayed is justice denied
These are grievances of Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers) who’s nature of duties require skills, presence of mind, sound health, risky job, hard work and duty on odd hours with VIPs & VVIP officers. However, these genuine points have not yet been taken up with in the right forum through any means.

Therefore, we hope and anticipate that the your good self will look into the anomaly and do the needful favorably .

Thanking YOU.

Yours faithfully,

CC Sathyanandan
Anonymous said…
if we open dgqa official web site we can see promotion/upgradation of tech category especially jtos only and no good news to clerical staff at all which is being neglected by Govt once for all through implmentation of sixth pay commssion.when that be the case, why can't govt abolish clerical category and merge with some other category which govt likes to give more and more pay and benefits.

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