Order from Ministry of Defence dated 16th August 2007

Armour Welding Allowance at the rate
Rs. 280 per month be granted to Master Craftsman Grade
Rs.240 per month to Highly Skilled Grade and
Rs.200 per month to Skilled Grade

The ‘Armour Welding Allowance’ was granted to eligible employees o f HVF, Avadi w.e.f.1st Jan 1986 and to similarly placed employees of OFP, Medak w.e.f.19th 1991.

The ‘Armour Welding Allowance’ is being granted to the Welders with special skills over and above, what is admissible to ordinary Welders. This allowance is considered as an incentive for the additional exertion caused by sustained exposure to elevated temperature while carrying out Armour Plate Welding. Besides the welders who are in receipt of this allowance are periodically tested and in case, they fail in the test the said allowance is discontinued. It is noteworthy that the recipients of the said allowance are however no entitled to any risk allowance or compensation.

More details in Government Order:

In VI CPC there is no any recommendation about this allowance



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