Exercised writing an Option as per Rule No.6 within 3 months

RULE No. 6 Exercise of Option - (1)

"The option under the provisos to Rule 5 shall be exercised in writing in the form appended to the Second Schedule so as to reach the authority mentioned in sub rule (2) within three months of the date of publication of these rules or where an existing scale has been revised by any order made subsequent to that date, within three months of the date of such order.
Provided that – (i) in the case of a Government servant who is, on the date of such publication or, as the case may be, date of such order, out of India on leave or deputation or foreign service or active service, the said option shall be exercised in writing so as to reach the said authority within three months of the date of his taking charge of his post in India; and

(ii) where a Government servant is under suspension on the 1st day of January, 2006 , the option may be exercised within three months of the date of his return to his duty if that date is later than the date prescribed in this sub-rule.

(2) The option shall be intimated by the Government servant to the Head of his Office.

(3) If the intimation regarding option is not received within the time mentioned in sub-rule (1), the Government servant shall be deemed to have elected to be governed by the revised pay structure with effect on and from the 1st day of January, 2006.

(4) The option once exercised shall be final. Rule 6 - This rule prescribes the manner in which option has to be exercised and also the authority who should be apprised of such option. The option has to be exercised in the appropriate form appended to the rules. It should be noted that it is not sufficient for a Government servant to exercise the option within the specified time limit but also to ensure that it reaches the prescribed authority within the time limit. In the case of persons who are outside India at the time these rules are promulgated, the period within which the option has to be exercised is three months from the date they take over charge of the post in India. In the case of Government servants the revised pay structure of whose posts are announced subsequent to the date of issue of these rules, the period of three months will run from the date of such announcement.

Option Form: THE SECOND SCHEDULE Form of Option [See Rule ____] *

(i) I _______________________________________hereby elect the revised pay structure with effect from 1st January, 2006. *(ii) I _______________________________________ hereby elect to continue on the existing scale of pay of my substantive/officiating post mentioned below until: * the date of my next increment The date of my subsequent increment raising my pay to Rs. I vacate or cease to draw pay in the existing scale.

The date of my promotion to ______________

Existing Scale __________________________________

Signature ____________________________

Name _______________________________


Office in which employed_____________________________________

Date: Station: * To be scored out, if not applicable.


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