6th CPC recommends withdrawal of Risk Allowance

6th CPC recommends withdrawal of Risk Allowance All categories of jobs that involve inherent element of risk with deleterious effect on health over a period of time should instead be provided with free medical and life insurance of
Rs.5 lakhs for employees in PB-1 pay band ;
Rs.7 lakhs for employees in PB-2 pay band;
Rs.10 lakhs for employees in PB-3 pay band / higher pay bands / scales.

To offset the effect of inflation, amount of the insurance should automatically be increased by 50% every time the DA payable on the revised pay goes up by 50%. The entire expenditure on paying premium for this insurance will be borne by the Govt.

The amount insured will be paid in case of any serious injury or death sustained in the course of employment and will be over and above the others benefits with mandatory health check-ups every quarter and enhanced leave, wherever the same is necessary for proper recuperation. Further, the Govt. should ensure that latest technology and greatest level of care is observed in these jobs so that the element of risk involved therein is minimized.



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