Will Air Travel Continue for the Next 2 Years?

For a number of years, Central Government employees have been enjoying the benefits of Leave Travel Concession (LTC). When a Central Government employee is employed at a place that is not his home town, then, once every two years or twice every four years, he/she is eligible to reimburse the travel expenses incurred for travelling to and back, along with the entire family. 

A BLOCK YEAR consists of four years. The current block year runs from 2010 to 2013. This is divided into two – 2010-11 and 2012-13, and concession to travel to the home town is offered twice.  Instead of two trips to home town, the employee is eligible to convert one of them as ALL INDIA LTC concession. Those who haven’t availed of the concession of the 2012-13 year block can utilize it in 2014. 

Depending on their designation, the employees are eligible to utilize air, ship, rail and road transportation facilities, along with the travel class. 

In the year 2010, in order to develop Jammu & Kashmir and North-East Region, it was announced that Central Government employees are eligible to travel to these regions via air from Delhi and Kolkata respectively. It was also announced that the travel expenses could be claimed in advance. Following this announcement, Central Government employees have started travelling via air, along with their families. From the HEADQUARTERS, where they are employed, they have to travel to New Delhi or Kolkata by train and go to Shri Nagar or Gauhati by airplane. 

This concession is given in two categories, on the basis of grade pay. Those with GP higher than Rs. 4200 and above are eligible to travel from the airport nearest to their work headquarters. Those with GP lesser than Rs. 4200 will have to travel to Delhi or Kolkata by train and continue only the rest of the journey by airplane. 

These concessions were initially announced for only two years and then extended to 2013. Each BLOCK YEAR can be carried forward to one year, i.e., those who haven’t utilized the facility in 2012-13 BLOCK YEAR can avail of it until December 2014. 

This wonderful opportunity will draw to a close very soon. The Government has issued permission to travel by air to the NORTH-EAST REGION until 30.04.2014 and to JAMMU & KASHMIR until 17.06.2014. 

Question is – Will this concession be extended for the next two years?

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Unknown said…
Can you provide us the order no. & date regarding LTC latest Air fare
Anonymous said…
I had travelled by Air to Portblair on LTC during yr 2011. Now they have objected the same and ordered for deduction of excess amt claimed/passed limited to travel by ship. May I know the correct rule position - LDC Gandhi HareshKumar
Anonymous said…
NER / J&K Extension for one year

NER / J&K on special LTC by Air which is allowed upto 30.04.2014 and 17.06.2014 respectively should be extended for one year or upto December, 2014 as Parliament Election is scheduled to be held in April – May, 2014 and most of the employees are engaged in this election. Because of this election, leaves of employees are not being sanctioned and we are not able to avail this facility, however, maximum employees have been availed / enjoyed this facility. It will give justice for those employees who are not being availed this facility because of this Parliament election.
Unknown said…
Hi Please can you help in providing order for extension of 2010-2013 block period to grace year of 2014? It will help as I could not avail the LTC so far but wish to avail now in 2014. Many thanks in advance for your help. Regards,

Dr. Gaurav
Anonymous said…
LTC :Carry forward - Concession for one block year can be carried forward to the first year of the next block, i.e., the outward journey for 2012-13 block can be performed upto 31.12.2014. Employees entitled to LTC to Hometown for self alone every year cannot carry forward the concession.
Unknown said…
Many thanks for clarification. Is there any order in support which can be shown to accounts if they raise objection?

Regards, Dr. Gaurav
Anonymous said…
Hi pl can you help LTC rool
ajayukarande said…
Res Sir/Madam
I am a Group B Gazetted officer working in Min Of Consumer affairs,
I took LTC for the Block Year 2012-2013 Extended year 2014 by converting One Block year of Home Town
I travelled by Air India from the place of posting i.e mumbai- Srinagar.
However my entiltelment as per office said is AC-II tier by railway From Mumbai-Delhi
and From Delhi- Srinagar By Air in Economy Class.
as I have availed the LTC ,can I get reimbursement?
Pl Guide
Thanking you
Ajay Ukarande
Anonymous said…
i want to know that in your blog of LTC travel concession you mentiond "This concession is given in two categories, on the basis of grade pay. Those with GP higher than Rs. 4200 and above are eligible to travel from the airport nearest to their work headquarters. Those with GP lesser than Rs. 4200 will have to travel to Delhi or Kolkata by train and continue only the rest of the journey by airplane. ".
i want something more on this. you mentioned that grade pay higher than 4200 & above will eligible to travel from the airport nearest to their work headquarters.. now my doubt is that when i joined the organization my grade pay was 2400. and now after service of 4 years my revised grade pay is 4200. should i eligible for travel from the airport nearest to my work headquarters or not? this rule is applicable for all that employees who joined lower than 4200 GP and now higher than 4200 or this rule is only applicable to those who is direct recruit on th GP of 4200 & above. -
Unknown said…
sir i have travelled to srinagar by air with family in ltc .
my air tickets was not booked by balmer lawrie or ashoka instead i got it booked from other source .
i claimed only the fare and service charges of booking was beard by me.
but my organisation didnot pass my ticket as they claim that it has noot been booked by ashoka or balmer lawrie co where as i have not claimed any service charges for booking .
what is the exact guide line for booking by private airlines to J&K and for those who cannot book their tickets by themselves being not techno savvy .
kindly reply tickets is genuine and boarding pass along with travel certificate is also with me .
kindly reply
Unknown said…
if any person get his tickets booked by air from sources other than balmer lawrie and ashoka travels and does not claim any service charges in final bill then his expense bill can be stopped just because he has not booked his tickets by authorized agencies.
he has beard his service charges for booking himself and genuinely traveled by air and having in possession of boarding pass and travel certificates which clearly verify the journey credentials and amount paid .
my account department is raising objection as the ticket is not being booked by traveler himself and does not have his email id then it cannot be reimbursed .
kindly clarify
Unknown said…
The GOI extended the relaxation to air travel to J&K upto 18.06.2014.OK, But I want to know whether I can avail LTC facility to go by Air to J&K with this extension for 2014-17 block also.
M.Sankara Sastry, Hoshangabad(M.P.)

Unknown said…
I further wants some clarification regarding utilisation of LTC for 2014-17 block to go by air to J&K.
01. Kindly inform the economy class fare or approx. air fare to J&K admissible as per Govt.rules.
2. Cant I book a Ticket through IRCTC or through Balmer & Lawrie.
03. To Book ticket through Balmer & Lawrie please give the procedure way to book air tickets.
04. As I am in Rs.4200/- I want to avail air facility nearest to my workplace instead of New Delhi Airport.

Kindly clarify the above points as I am in hurry to book Air Tickets as early as possible to go in 2nd week of May,2014.
Principal said…
ltc to j&k or ner can be travelled from the station of posting to kolkatta/new delhi by airindia flight booked from ashoka/balmer/air india website by group b gazzetted/non gazetted officers.I travelled by air india in 2013 with gp 4800.group c employees can travel from kolkatta/new delhi to ner/srinagar.This is crystel clear
IRSHAD said…
I want to know that if i m going on LTC by Air through Private booking portal . Can I claim LTC fare in entitlement class AC II/ AC III

Javed Akhtar
Dr.PVM said…
Dear admin team

i live in NCR with headquarters in Delhi.
A recent circular has notified that residents of NCR will be eligible for HTC.

MY query is whether the Hometown concession be converted to LTC for travelling to Kerala in the current year.

I have been getting mixed answers stating that only J&K and NER can be travelled to.

Thanks in anticipation

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