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Leave Encashment on Resignation of Central Govt Employees Rules

Leave Encashment Calculator for Central Government Employees
How to calculate EL and HPL for Encashment
  • Earned Leave Encashment Calculation
  • Half Pay Leave Encashment Calculation

We are here providing a simple calculator for finding the approximate amount of leave encashment of both earned leave and half pay leave for government employees. 

Select your pay matrix level and the basic salary in the calculation tool and enter the days for encashment of earned leave and HPL separately. Find the result of the encashment value of total days. As per the existing rule of encashment in Central Govt services, a total of 300 days is only permitted.

Leave Encashment on LTC is Taxable?

Yes. One of the salary income of the amount of 19 days earned leave encashment while on Leave Travel Concession (LTC) is taxable for the account of Income Tax for Central Govt Employees.

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