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7th CPC Leave Rules

7th Pay Commission  Leave Rules

7th Pay Commission recommendations on Holidays and Leave for Central Government Employees and Offices

The report of 7th Pay Commission contained not only the recommendations also the explanation and analysis. In the subject of Leave and Holidays, the report has analysed in depth of every corner.

There are types leave are granted to CG employees…

1. Casual Leave (CL),
2. Child Adoption Leave,
3. Child Care Leave (CCL),
4. Commuted Leave,
5. Earned Leave (EL),
6. Leave on Average Pay (LAP),
7. Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL),
8. Furlough Leave,
9. Half Pay Leave (HPL),
10. Leave on Half Average Pay (LHAP),
11. Hospital Leave,
12. Leave Not Due (LND),
13. Maternity Leave,
14. Paternity Leave,
15. Sick Leave,
16. Special Casual Leave (SCL),
17. Special Disability Leave,
19. Study Leave

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