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Reimbursement of Newspaper Claim – MoD Order

Reimbursement of Newspaper Claim – MoD Order

Government of India
Ministry of Defence
No. AN/II/1023/Newspaper
Date: 03.06.2019

Subject: Reimbursement of Newspaper Claim.

It has come to the notice that reimbursement claim of expenditure incurred on newspaper purchased at the residence of officers are being received for the financial year 2017-18.
As per Govt. of India Ministry of Finance Department of expenditure letter No. 25 (12)/ E. Coord-2018, dated-03/04/2018 and HQrs. letter No. AN/XIV/14162/Newspaper/I, dated-24/08/2018 reimbursement on a/c of purchases of newspaper to be claimed on half yearly basis.

In view of the above all the office are advised to submit their claim timely and on half yearly basis for payment.

GO (AN) has seen.
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