Joint Consultative Machinery - Constitution of Office Council (JCM) in the Cadre Controlling Ministry in respect of CSS / CSSS / CSCS

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
(Department of Personnel and Training)

New Delhi, the 28th September, 1989


Subject:-Constitution of Office Council (JCM) in the Cadre Controlling Ministry in respect of CSS / CSSS / CSCS.

Clause 6 of the JCM Scheme provides for setting up of regional and / or Office Councils where the structure of a Department permits the setting up of such councils. The Staff representatives are to be nominated by the recognized Service Associations from amongst the staff of the office / establishment for which the office council has been set up. (O.M.No.5/10/71-JCA dated 21st November, 1972). However, in respect of the office council of the cadre authority concerning CSS/CSSS/CSCS staff, such nomination may be accepted from amongst staff working in any of the offices included in the Office Council of the cadre authority. (O.M. No.2/9/73-CS.IV dated 20th December, 1973). In order to facilitate smooth and effective discussion on common cadre problems in respect of secretariat staff, one representative each of the staff side of the Office council of the cadre units are invited to participate on the meetings of the office councils of the cadre authority only on items pertaining to that cadre of the CSS /CSSS/ CSCS as a whole and not in respect of other matters which fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of the office council of the cadre authority. (O.M.No.2/9/77–CS.IV dated 17.1.1978).

2. It has been represented by the Staff Side of the Department Council of the Department of Personnel and Training that the present procedure to discuss the cadre problems of CSCS/CSS/CSSS in the Central Secretariat in each Ministry and Department under the main Office Council has not been effective, as there is no mechanism available to them in case a problem arises with regard to issues affecting more than one Department / Office under the same Cadre Controlling Authority. This is particularly so in Ministries / Departments where there are more than one Office Councils functioning and the common cadre issues were not getting appropriately reflected in the Main Office Council in respect of other Office Councils functioning in the same Ministry / Department.

3. The matter has been discussed with the Staff Side and after detailed examination, it has been decided that, in partial modification of the existing instructions laid down in this Department O.M.No.2/9/77-CS.IV dated 17.1.1978, the "Special Invitees" permitted in the Main Office Council (representing each of the other Office Councils functioning under the same Cadre Controlling Authority) will enjoy the status of regular members for the specific purposes of discussion on issues relating to common cadre problems. In addition, one more member, to be nominated jointly by all the CSCS/CSSS/CSS Associations, will also be permitted in the Main Office Council enjoining the status of regular members with the same stipulation as provided for other special invitees. Thus, if there are four Office Councils functioning under one cadre controlling authority viz. ministry / department, of which one happens to be the main Office Council, besides staff members of the main Office Councils, there will be three members, one each from the remaining three Office Councils plus one more member to be nominated jointly by all the said Associations who would participate in discussions in the Main Office Council. While these additional members will enjoy the status of the regular members of the Main Office Council, their field / scope of the activities will be confined to the common cadre problems only.

Note: Copies of all the instructions mentioned above are included in the Brochure on JCM for Central Government Employees brought out by this Department and is available on sale with Kitab Mahal, Baba Kharag Singh Marg, New Delhi.

Deputy Secretary to the Government of India


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