Joint Consultative Machinery - GOI decisions (O.M. No. 1/2/64-JCA, dated 14-1-1964).

Joint Consultative Machinery - GOI decisions (O.M. No. 1/2/64-JCA, dated 14-1-1964).

GOI decisions

(1) (i) According to the provisions of the Scheme, representation on a Joint Council can be had by employees of any particular grade only through their Association/Union, duly recognized for the purpose. Therefore, before any category of staff can be considered eligible for representation on a Joint Council, they would have to organize themselves into an Association/Union and get it recognized. Employees who do not do so, will not be eligible for representation on a Joint Council.
(ii) The representatives of the Staff Side on the Departmental Council will be chosen directly from recognized Associations/Unions and not from Regional/Zonal/Office Councils. (O.M. No. 1/2/64-JCA, dated 14-1-1964).

Term of Membership

6.4.1 The employees’ organizations will nominate their representatives for a term of 3 years; but there will be no bar to renomination.

6.4.2 Vacancies caused by death, retirement, resignation, transfer etc. will be filled for the unexpired term. An Association may replace on the Council such of its representatives as have ceased to be its office-bearer at annual elections or by exigencies such as a vote of no confidence.
6.4.3 For the purpose of nomination of the Staff Side, only those Federations, Associations/Unions will be recognized which had enjoyed recognition before 1966 and which represent broadly and adequately all the categories of employees of a Department. However, in the case of Department where there has been no recognized Federation/Association/Union in the past, or where the existing Federation etc., does not represent all the categories adequately, will another Association/Union be recognized.

6.4.4 No person who is not an employee or an honorably retired employee of the Central Government shall be a member of the Council.


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