Weekly Comments on 7th Pay Commission News – 14 Mar to 20 April 2019

Weekly Comments on 7th Pay Commission News – 14 Mar to 20 April 2019
Weekly Comments on various subjects of posts in the website of 7thpaycommissionnews.in during the period between 14.4.2019 and 20.4.2019

We compiled here a bunch of comments published in our site for easy reference. Readers are expressed their questions, clarification, suggestions, opinions as comments in various posts of our site. And some of our experienced and intellectual readers are replied to the questions…

20.04.2019 (Saturday) Discussions
Name: *M.K.KUMAR (845 Comments)
(Replied To O. P.Bhola)
Reply:Scale 7450-11500 was already given from GP 4600, now from 4/1/2018 the scale 6500-10500 was first they given GP 4200 now they have revised GP 4600 it has to be calculated by those who are eligible from their ex-employer only since there is no tables was prepared for it. It involves from 1/1/2006 to 31/12/15 & 1/1/2016 as matrix level 7 until your settlement. More over minimum Pension/family pension starts from ₹ 9000/- not you mentioned as ₹ 8345/-.it may be last basic pay.
Date: 2019/04/20 at 10:18 pm
Name: *M.K.KUMAR (844 Comments)
(Replied To D C DONGRE)
Reply:Follow as per note 10, rule 7, 8, F.R. GIO 21,23(PARA 2) 22(1)(a)(1) read rule with rule 13 of CCS RULES, 2016 & also DOPPT OF.M. No.4/3/2017-Estt.(pay.1) dated 26/10/2018. with all these conditions you may get annomily.
Date: 2019/04/20 at 9:53 pm
Name: *M.K.KUMAR (843 Comments)
(Replied To Sapna)
Reply:If the qualifying Service (without any EOL loss of pay,) as per your last basic pay 50% of that is your pension p.m. plus D.R.
Date: 2019/04/20 at 9:05 pm
Name: Raghubir Singh
Comment: Wage revision for banker is overdue we 1.11.2017 and underpaid by 30℅ is affecting our India as the purchasing power is low being suffered by GOING being low taxes. Therefore please look into matter and do the needful
Date: 2019/04/20 at 7:10 pm
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Name: *M.K.KUMAR (842 Comments)
(Replied To S K MALLIK)
Reply:If the promotion is in 6th CPC it will be on GP 8700. If it is in 7th CPC from 1/1/2016 in will be in Matrix Table 12.
Date: 2019/04/20 at 5:26 pm
Comment: I was on deputation in the grade pay of Rs.7600/-in the pay scale of PB-3( Rs.15600-39100/-). prior to deputation, I was having GP Rs.7600/-.-in the pay scale of PB-3( Rs.15600-39100/-) as NFSG being a organised service cadre in the post of EE(CIVIL). After 3 years of deputation, I again promoted to NFU Scale of PB-4( Rs.37400-67000/-) with GP Rs.8700/- and my pay is fixed in the PB-4 scale. Later on I was absorbed in the post. What will be my fixation of pay?
Date: 2019/04/19 at 3:48 pm
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Name: *M.K.KUMAR (841 Comments)
(Replied To GAUTAM Kaushal)
Reply:If you are retired you will get en-cashment for 100 days full pay and 200 days half pay i.e. 100 full pay total 200 days eligible.
Date: 2019/04/20 at 4:59 pm
19.04.2019 (Friday) Discussions
Name: Mukesh Choudhary
Comment: In reply to JP YADAV.
Sir aapke pas defence civilian s related koi tol tax exemption ki koi information ho to sir plz send me on mail
Date:2019/04/19 at 4:53 pm
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Name: Sumesh Pillai
Comment:Dopt order for promotion to group b post for physically handicapped employees in Central government
Date: 2019/04/19 at 12:27 pm
View 1 Comment – Expected DA Calculator from July 2019
Name: Hony. Capt. KR Raja Reddy (Retd)
Comment: Sub : Revision of pension : Pre 2016 pensioners and family pensioners Sir, I am JC125793N Hony. Capt KR Raja Reddy retired in Sep 1996. I request you please send a copy of PCDA (P) Allahabad circular No 610 dated 05 Nov 2018 along with the Format of NEFT mandate form indicating specific details required and obliged. My mail id is : rajareddy1950@gmail.com and mobile No. is 9440095900.
Thankin you sir.
Yours sincerely,
Hony Captain KR Raja Reddy (Retd)
Date: 2019/04/19 at 7:46 am
View 1 Comment – Pre-16 JCOs/ORs Pensioers – User Manual
Comment: Those who retired after 15 years from Navy on 31.7.1984, as Petty Officer, are they granted any enmass Honorary Promotion to Chief Petty Officer? If so pls quoted reference.
Do Pension of 1984 granted on the Last Salary Drawn which was with 5 increments in my case, will the 5 Increments will count for fixing pension under 7 CPC????
Date: 2019/04/19 at 6:00 am
View 196 Comment – 7th CPC Increment
Name: Geetha
Comment: IS CCL eligible for staff on deputation from PSUs to Central Govt
Date: 2019/04/18 at 11:14 am
View 130 Comment – 7th CPC Report on Child Care Leave (CCL)
Name: Thakur Lakhan Singh Chauhan
Comment:pension for honorary commissioned officer lieutenant accourding to concordance table .
Date: 2019/04/18 at 11:09 am
View 1 Comment – Concordance Table to Defence Pensioners: Table Hony LT
Comment: I am working as UDC, grade pay 2400 since oct. 2004 and refuse promotion for the post of accountant in 2015. whether i am eligible for MACP to next band.
Date: 2019/04/18 at 10:58 am
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18.04.2019 (Thursday) Discussions
Name:GAUTAM Kaushal
Comment: there is only 100 days of earned leave in my account. can i get leave encashment of remaining 200 days from commuted leave.
Date: 2019/04/18 at 5:10 pm
View 344 Comment – 7th CPC Voluntary Retirement Scheme
17.04.2019 (Wednesday) Discussions
Name: Ex-Sgt. Soundera Rajan D.
Comment:Dear Sir,
Please enlighten me the my latest pension as per 7th PC pay matrix system.. I am 216233 Ex-Sgt. left Air Force after 16 (R) 16 years of service on 31.12.1974. (served one year more due to Bangladesh war Emergency) . My trade was WOM I (renamed now as Radio Fitter) i.e.Group I…Currently My basic Pension is Rs.22560. Can Your highness enlighten me please, regarding my PENSION as per latest 7th Pay Commission Pay & pension Matrix system as I am the Pre-2016 & Pre-2006 retiree. Please Note that there was no MSP on my retirement time. Pse Help!
Date:2019/04/17 at 12:54 pm
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16.04.2019 (Tuesday) Discussions
Name: Firdosh Ali
Comment:I son of a ex-sevicermen. I am physically handicapped person can I get pension after my father and mother. Please let me know
Thanks you
Date: 2019/04/16 at 7:08 pm
View 19 Comment – Revision of Pension for Pre-2006 Pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2006 instead of 24.09.2012 and Arrear of Pension/ Family Pension will be paid – MoD Order 3.9.2015
Name: Shaikh Maheboob
Comment: Sir make collenm in university teachers pay calculator if his agp changed from 7000 to 8000 or 8000 to 9000 during 1/1/16 to 1/7/19
Date: 2019/04/16 at 2:49 pm
View 25 Comment – DA TABLE : Dearness Allowance & Dearness Relief Table
Name: *M.K.KUMAR (840 Comments)
(Replied To Manoj Kumar)
Reply:Increment 1/7/2016.
Date: 2019/04/16 at 2:07 pm
Name: Manoj Kumar
Comment:I promote on 15 june 2015 but financial upgrade optionally on 1st july 2015. when I will get increment 1st jan 2016 or 1st july 2016.
Date: 2019/04/12 at 10:29 pm
View 194 Comments – 7th CPC Increment
Name: *M.K.KUMAR (839 Comments)
(Replied To Kunal Kumar)
Reply:As you said your completion of 20 year MACP is level 9 on 2016 you will get on completion of 30 years on 2026 in level 10 with the condition of very good bench mark.
Date: 2019/04/16 at 1:26 pm
Name: Kunal Kumar
Comment:Sir i got level 9 after macp 20years completion at 2016 and my retirement is on 2032
What will i get next macp on what level of pay i am working in autonomous body.
Date: 2019/04/15 at 5:12 pm
View 3 Comments – Amendment in Conditions for Granting of Pay Matrix Level 8 to Level 10
Name: *M.K.KUMAR (838 Comments)
Reply:Yes you can avail the block years one home town of 2018-19 & 2020-21 or any where in India 2018-21. What ever distance from your home to Railway Station or Bus stand of DELHI.
Date: 2019/04/16 at 1:18 pm
Comment: I joined in May 2014, and have not availed any LTC till now. My hometown is Delhi and I work in Delhi
Can I avail all india LTC in November 2019, if not when can i do it?
Date: 2019/04/15 at 11:17 am
View 182 Comments – 7th CPC LTC Rules
Name: Deva
Comment: All CG Employees are supporting Congress…How you decided?
Date: 2019/04/16 at 1:00 pm
View 1 Comment – Support Congress Party Candidates in Lok Sabha Election 2019 – INTUC
15.04.2019 (Monday) Discussions
Name: *M.K.KUMAR (837 Comments)
(Replied To A Ghosh)
Reply:If your basic pay as on 31/5/2018 of Rs.84900/- MACP from 1/6/2018 as 87400 (GP 5400) no increment on 1/7/18, next increment on 1/7/19 as Rs.85,800 in level 11 (GP 6600).
Date: 2019/04/15 at 12:43 pm
Name: A Ghosh
Comment:My BP was 84900/- in PB 10/GP 5400 in June 2018. Now MACP was due on Jun 2018 I. e upgradation to PB 11/GP 6600. Seeking Advise about the selection of option for fixation of BP on Jun 2018.
Date: 2019/04/14 at 8:35 pm
View 22 Comments – 7th CPC Pay Matrix Table Level 10 to 12
Name: *M.K.KUMAR (836 Comments)
(Replied To Vinoj)
Reply:Regarding your comments the followings are related. You can take these points if your office required for your injury on the Rules as :-
1. Hospital Leave, Special Disability Leave and Sick Leave should be subsumed in a new Leave named Work Related Illness and Injury Leave (WRIIL).
2. Full pay and allowances will be granted to all employees during the entire period of hospitalization on account of WRIIL.
3. Beyond hospitalization, WRIIL will be governed as follows:
a. For Civilian employees, RPF employees and personnel of Police Forces of Union Territories: Full pay and allowances for the 6 months immediately following hospitalization and Half Pay only for 12 months beyond that. The Half Pay period may be commuted to full pay with corresponding number of days of Half Pay Leave debited from the employee’s leave account.
b. For Officers of Defence, CAPFs, Indian Coast Guard: Full pay and allowances for the 6 months immediately following hospitalization, for the next 24 months, full pay only.
c. For PBORs of Defence, CAPFs, Indian Coast Guard: Full pay and allowances, with no limit regarding period.
4. In the case of persons to whom the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 applies, the amount of leave salary payable under WRIIL shall be reduced by the amount of compensation payable under the Act.
5. No Earned Leave or Half Pay Leave will be credited during the period that employee is on WRIIL.
Date: 2019/04/15 at 12:31 pm


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