PCDA Citizen’s Client’s Charter – Abbreviations Used

PCDA Citizen’s Client’s Charter – Abbreviations Used

Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions), Allahabad is one of the offices of the Defence Accounts Department under the Ministry of Defence, with the office of the Controller General of Defence Accounts, Delhi Cantt as its Headquarters.

It is responsible for the grant, payment, audit and adjustment of all claims of pensionary awards of Defence Services Personnel (except retirement/death benefits of Air Force and Navy personnel) and civilians of the three Services including those of the Defence Accounts Department, GREF, COAST GUARD, MNS (local), NCC Officers, Departmental Canteens and Statutory Canteens and their families. The pension work relating to the

personnel of all the three wings of the armed forces and also the civilian employees serving in Defence establishments is centralized at one place viz. PCDA (P) Allahabad to secure uniformity in the application of rules and procedures regarding grant and audit of pension.

With a view to achieve promptness in settlement of pensionary entitlements of Naval and Air Force personnel, the work relating to grant of their pension was transferred to PCDA(Navy), Mumbai and PCDA (Air Force), New Delhi respectively w.e.f. 01.11.1985.

This office is also concerned with the process of responsive and people oriented administration. While realizing its concern, this office intends to formulate Citizens’/Clients’ Charter with the objective to serve its clients efficiently. The charter is based on the premise that Citizen is the King and Government Organization exists not to rule, but to serve the Citizens. It is because of this, that the charter prepared by this department has been named as “Citizen’s /Client’s Charter”.

Abbreviations Used

AbbreviationsStands For
AFAir Force
AMAAuthorized Medical Authority
AFCAOAir Force Central Accounts Office
AGAdjutant General
A/CAccounts Section
BRTFBorder Road Task Force
CPCCentral Pay Commission
CDAController of Defence Accounts
DCRGDeath Cum-Retirement Gratuity
DPDODefence Pension Disbursing Officer
DADDefence Accounts Department
GOGroup Officer
GREFGeneral Reserve Engineering Force
HOOHead of Office
ICOIndian Commissioned Officer
JCOsJunior Commissioned Officers
LPCLast Pay Certificate
MESMilitary Engineering Services
NOKNext of Kin
OFPOrdinary Family Pension
ORsOther Ranks
PPOPension Payment Order
PS No.Pension Serial Number
PBORPersonnel Below Officer Rank
PGOPension Grievance Officer
PSAPension Sanctioning Authority
PCDAPrincipal Controller of Defence Accounts
PDAPension Disbursing Authority
SAOSenior Accounts Officer
SFPSpecial Family Pension


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