Media Reports Maligning GoI over NFFU/NFU to Armed Forces

Media Reports Maligning GoI over NFFU/NFU 
to Armed Forces

Certain section of media is attempting to generate motivated controversy on the NFFU/NFU for Armed Forces while the case is still subjudice in the Apex Court. The targeting of Govt officials ascribing false statements to them with an intent to pressurise them is highly condemnable.

In case of complicated policies with long term and wider consequences, there may be times when agreement is not easy to build not only between two parties but also within a party, such cases are debated for merit in judicial Courts as per the law of the land.

This process must not be attempted to be highjacked by publically targeting the reputation of individuals discharging their duties as the authorised representatives of one side, GoI in this case. In the instant case, the recourse to judicial review was taken as per the existing policies and at the decision of the GoI.

Certain facts have been twisted and misrepresented in media with the purpose of misleading uniformed community and the general public.

One, the Central Pay Commission has been incorrectly quoted to have recommended NFFU/ NFU for the Armed Forces.

Two, there has been no attempt to malign the uniformed community or quote them as staying in ‘palatial houses’ as the hardships faced by military fraternity are well known and deeply respected by everyone including those in the Govt. The counsel of GoI has only read out the recommendations of the 7th CPC as the argument of the case in the Apex Court.

Three, the originators of smearing campaign have not spared even a uniformed veteran representing GoI in judicial matters but who has no connection with the instant case.

Four, the delay is not at the behest of the Govt but because of the Apex Court asking the Govt to serve the notices to remaining petitioners so that they can also be heard.

MoD requests all to allow the legal procedure in the Apex Court to complete. It is reiterated that Govt stands by its uniformed fraternity and is custodian of its high morale and operational effectiveness.

Source: PIB News


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