KV Admission Class-1: Selection List of KV Schools in Agra Region

KV Admission Class-1: Selection List of KV Schools in Agra Region

KV Admission Class-1: Provisional Selection List of KV Schools in Agra Region under RTE, SC, ST, SGC and Priority Categories

Here Direct link of Some KV School Websites

Code Name Link
1357 BAGPAT AFS (C NAGAR) http://www.kvafschandinagar.edu.in/
1382 MORADABAD http://www.kvmoradabad.ac.in/archive.php
1385 MUZAFFAR NAGAR http://www.kvmuzaffarnagar.edu.in/archive.php
1390 RAMPUR CRPF http://www.kvrmp.com/Admission
1400 BABU GARH CANT. https://www.kvbabugarh.edu.in/News
1402 DADRI NTPC http://www.kvsroagra.org/Admission
2268 R O AGRA http://www.kvsroagra.org/Admission
1706 AGRA CANTT NO.III (BARRACK ROAD) http://www.kv3agracantt.edu.in/archive.php
1705 AGRA CANTT NO.II http://www.kv2agracantt.edu.in/Admission
1704 AGRA CANTT NO.I (AFS) http://www.kvagra1.edu.in/archive.php
1707 ALIGARH http://www.kvsroagra.org/Admission
1716 BABINA CANT. http://www.kvbabinacantt.com/Admission
1726 HAZARATPUR OEF http://www.kvhazratpur.edu.in/Admission
1730 JHANSI CANT. NO.III http://www.kv3agracantt.edu.in/archive.php
1729 JHANSI CANT. NO.II http://www.kv1jhansi.org/Admission
1728 JHANSI CANT. NO.I http://www.kv1jhansi.org/Admission
1752 MATHURA CANT. http://www.kvmathuracantt.edu.in/archive.php
1750 MATHURA MRP http://www.kvmathuracantt.edu.in/archive.php
1756 TALBEHAT http://www.kvtalbehat.org/Admission
1452 VKV GAZIABAD http://www.kvsroagra.org/Admission
1422 HINDON NO.II (AFS) http://www.kv2hindan.edu.in/archive.php
1421 HINDON NO.I (AFS) http://www.kvagra1.edu.in/archive.php
1431 NOIDA http://www.kvsroagra.org/Admission
2186 ETAH http://www.kvetah.org/Admission
2187 MAHOBA http://www.kvmahoba.org/Admission
2188 HATHRAS http://www.kvhathras.org/Admission
2257 LALITPUR http://www.kvlalitpur.com/Admission


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