KV Admission Class-1: Selection List of KV Schools in Dehradun Region

KV Admission Class-1: Selection List of KV Schools in Dehradun Region

KV Admission Class-1: Provisional Selection List of KV Schools in Dehradun Region under RTE, SC, ST, SGC and Priority Categories Direct link of KV School Websites

Code Name Link
1349 BANBASA NO.II (NHPC) http://www.kvnhpc.com/
1348 BANBASA NO.I (CANT.) http://www.kv1banbasa.edu.in/Admission
1356 BHIMTAL http://www.kvbhimtal.org/
1906 R O DEHARADUN http://www.kvongcddn.net/
1368 DEHRADUN HBK NO.II http://www.kv2soihbk.org/
1367 DEHRADUN HBK NO.I http://www.kv1hbkddn.org/
1365 DEHRADUN CANT. http://www.kvuppercamp.edu.in/Admission
1364 DEHRADUN BIRPUR http://www.kvbirpur.net/
1363 DEHRADUN ONGC http://www.kvongcddn.net/
1361 DEHRADUN ITBP http://www.kvitbpddn.net/
1359 DEHRADUN IIP http://www.kviip.org/
1370 DHARCHULA NHPC http://www.kvdharchula.org/
1371 GAUCHAR ITBP http://www.kvgauchar.ac.in/Admission
2037 HARIDWAR NO.II (BHEL) http://www.kvhardwar.org/
1374 HARDWAR NO.I (BHEL) http://www.kvhardwar.org/
1375 JOSHIMATH http://www.kvjoshimath.org/
1376 KASHIPUR http://www.kvkashipur.com/
1377 KAUSANI http://www.kvkausani.ac.in/Admission
1378 LANSDOWNE http://www.kvlansdowne.org/
1383 MUKTESHWAR IVRI http://www.kvmukteshwar.org/
1384 MUSSOORIE ITBP http://www.kvmussoorie.net/
1387 PAURI http://www.kvlansdowne.org/
1388 PITHORA GARH http://www.kvpithoragarh.com/
1389 RAIWALA http://www.kvraiwala.org/
2046 RISHIKESH IDPL http://www.kvrishikesh.edu.in/Admission
1392 RISHIKESH http://www.kvrishikesh.edu.in/Admission
1394 ROORKEE NO.II http://www.kv2roorkee.ac.in/Admission
1393 ROORKEE NO.I http://www.kv1roorkee.ac.in/Admission
1399 UTTARKASHI http://www.kvuttarkashi.ac.in/Admission
1927 AUGUSTYAMUNI http://www.kvaugustyamuni.org/
1928 LOHAGHAT http://www.kvlohaghat.org/
1929 MIRTHI ITBP http://www.kvitbpmerthi.org/
1930 RAJGARHI http://www.kvrajgarhi.com/
2133 GOPESHWAR http://www.kvgopeshwar.org/
2204 BAGESHWAR http://www.kvbageshwar.org/


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