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If yes what is the procedure?

If yes what is the procedure?

Is treatment taken at non empanelled private hospital reimbursable? If yes what is the procedure?

CGHC considers for reimbursement at CGHS rates in case the treatment taken in an emergency from a private unrecognized hospitals.

The claims are to be submitted at concerned CGHS Wellness Centre in case of Pensioner CGHS beneficiaries for consideration by CGHS.

In case of serving employees the medical claim shall be submitted to concerned Ministry /Department for consideration.

The Claims are to be preferred within 6 months period from the date of discharge from the hospitals. If the claim becomes times barred, then condonation of period is to be done by the Department concerned.

The claim should have the following documents completed.

a. Prescribed Medical Reimbursement Claim Form

b. All original bills.

c. Photocopy of CGHS Token card.

d. Discharge Slip of the hospital.

e. A detailed list of all medicines, laboratory tests, investigations number of doctors visits etc. should be submitted for reimbursement with dates.

g. Self explanatory letter from the beneficiary explaining the emergency circumstances.

h. Legal heir certificate in case of death of the cardholder.


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