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7th CPC Condiment Allowance

7th CPC Condiment Allowance

Condiment Allowance – Condiment Expenditure

“7th CPC’s after abolition of Condiment Allowance, Condiment Expenditure entitled to Defence Service personnel is hereby enhanced to ₹119.26 per month/man with effect from 01.07.2017”

In 7th CPC Report – Page No.340

“Condiment Allowance is paid to those non-gazetted personnel of Defence forces and CAPFs who dine in the mess, at the rate of ₹89.78 pm. No demands have been received regarding this allowance”.

Analysis and Recommendations

Condiment Allowance is not an allowance in the true sense of the term, i.e., it is not paid to an individual, but to the Unit for collective purchase of condiments. As such, it is proposed to abolish this allowance, and the expenditure on condiments may be termed as Condiment expenditure and should be shown as such under the relevant budget head.


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