Canteen Stores Department Unit Run Canteens ((URC)

Canteen Stores Department Unit Run Canteens ((URC)
CSD Unit Run Canteens ((URC)

The Unit Run Canteens (URCs) are a one stop shop for authorized consumers – they offer a choice of food and beverage items and toiletries along with all kinds of consumer durables, at the lowest prices in the country. Thousands of URCs are spread across India, from the busiest to the most remote locations, for the convenience of our troops.

Do’s & Dont’s for URC’s

Demand only what customers desire, not what is prompted.
Report failure in after-sales-service/quality to Depots / Regional offices / HO.
Nominate a responsible representative or URC meetings
Report non-availability of vital & essential items to Regional offices / HO.
Canteen staff to ensure that consumer durables are sold duly checked by  the customer.
Guarantee card to be filled and handed over to customer.
Get defective items (within the warranty period) replaced free of cost as entitled to the customer.
Update the Price Catalogue regularly. Submit indents before the 10th of every month.
Indents should be raised according to what customers need and not just the reception of old demands.
Ensure that Payments are made to CSD Depots through RTGS.
Display new items for better appreciation and feedback from customer.
Report discrepancies like shortages, wrong issues etc., duly enclosing Board Proceedings to the depot within 30 days of collection of Stores.
Check doubtful packing cases at the time of collection.
Collect AFD (Category-II) items within the same month in which they are invoiced.
Return within 60 days (if unsold) new items / substitutes issued without URC’s demand.

Don’t pamper CSD staff.
Don’t accept items substituted / forced without your consent. (except newly introduced.)
Don’t correspond for petty losses.
Don’t allow leakages of stores to unauthorised sources.
Don’t send clueless representatives for collection of stores.


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