Simplification of Pension Procedure – Submission of Life Certificate

Simplification of Pension Procedure – Submission of Life Certificate
CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37(Vol.III)/2017-18/208


Subject:- Simplification of Pension Procedure – Submission of Life Certificate

Attention is invited to CPAO’s 0M No. CPAo/Tech/Simplification/2012-13/325 dated-18.02.2013 on the above subject whereby it was decided to submit the life certificate to any branch of the authorized bank through which pension of pensioners/family pensioners is being disbursed. Format of acknowledgement to be given by the Life Certificates receiving branch to the pensioner/family pensioner was circulated vide this office OM No.CPAO/lT&Tech/Scheme Booklet/2015-16/1666 dated-16.10.2015 which was reiterated vide OM No.CPA0/lT&Tech/Jeevan Pramaan/2015-16/ 1680 dated-09.11.2 015.

But, it is observed that bank branches are still not providing the acknowledgement of Life Certificate to the pensioners/family pensioners. Moreover, it has been observed that they do not forward the same to their CPPCs, resulting in stoppage of pension/ family pension which causes undue financial hardship to the pensioners/ family pensioners.

In view of the above, Heads of CPPCs and Heads of Government Business Divisions of all the authorized banks are requested to issue necessary instructions to all their branches to provide the acknowledgement of Life Certificate to the pensioner/family pensioner without fail and forward the same to the concerned CPPCs for necessary action.

(Md.Shahid Kamal Ansari)
(Asstt. Controller of Accounts)



Ravi K. Varre said…
What about the pensioners of autonomus organisations of all Ministries of Govt. of India, whose pension details are not acceptable in the Central Govt. Pensioners' portal resulting to Banks would not facilitate digital life certificate to them. As a result, they are forcibly to live in stone age for submission of life certificate by making rounds to the offices for Gazetted officer's certification and to submission of life certificate. Can any one convince the mandarins of DOPT please of the misery of senior citizens drawing pension from autonomous organisations of Govt. of india?

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