Decisions taken in the Joint Meeting of the three recognized Federations AIDEF, INDWF & BPMS

Decisions taken in the Joint Meeting of the three recognized Federations AIDEF, INDWF & BPMS

Struggle Committee of Defence Civilian Employees to Save Defence Industry

Ref. No : 02/AIDEF/INDWF/BPMS/18
Date : 05th January, 2018

Decisions taken in the Joint Meeting of the three recognized Federations (AIDEF, INDWF, BPMS) held at Kolkata on 05.01.2018.

A meeting of the three recognized Federations (AIDEF, INDWF, BPMS) was held at Kolkata on 05.01.2018. The following were present

AIDEF: S.N.Pathak / President
C.Srikumar / General Secretary

INDWF: R. Srinivasan / General Secretary
Pradip Basu/Vice-President

BPMS: Sadhu Singh / Organizing Secretary
Mukesh Singh / Deputy General Secretary

The meeting reviewed the Black Badge demonstration held on 28.12.2017 all over the country. The meeting congratulated all the affiliated Unions, the Unit level unions, Associations and all the Defence Civilian Employees who participated in the demonstration. Thereafter, the meeting expressed its concern about the unhelpful attitude of the Government in not responding to the representations of the Federations and to settle the demands put forth before the Government. Thereafter, the following decisions are taken unanimously.

1) The demonstration before the Parliament at Delhi on 15.02.2018 as decided will be held successfully by mobilizing the Defence Civilian Employees. For this purpose the representatives of the three Federations, at Delhi will make the logistic arrangements including getting Police permission and setting up of stage, Public address system etc.

2) Since, the 5 DEF Group of Factories, 8 ABWs, 14 Station Workshops, 39 Military Farms 4 Depots and MES are going to be affected immediately due to the policy decisions taken by the Govt. recently, it has been decided that a “One Day Call attention Strike” is required to be observed by the employee of these Units. Accordingly, the following time table is decided :-
a)21.02.2018: Strike Ballot by AIDEF Unions
b)22.02.2018: Strike Ballot by INDWF Unions
c)23.02.2018: Strike Ballot by BPMS Unions

Local Unions not affiliated to the three Federations in the action Committee may take the Strike Ballot as decide in the local action Committee at the Unit Level.

d) 28.02.2018: Issue of Strike Notice with Massive Demonstration.

e) 15.03.2018: “One Day Call attention Strike” by the Employees of 5 OEF Group of Factories, 8 ABWs, 14 Station Workshops, 39 Military Farms,, 4 Depots and MES.

3) All the Unions in all the other Defence Establishments will observe a solidarity action in support of the striking employees on 15.03.2018 by holding demonstration, gate meetings and rally etc.

4) After the Call Attention Strike on 15.03.2018 the three Federations will again meet and decide for a further serious action programme in all the Defence Establishments.

5) The campaigning programmes against the policy decisions of the Govt. in all the Defence Units may be continued and intensified by all the Unions.]

The three recognized Federation appeal to all the Unions, Associations and the Defence Civilian Employees to make the protest programme from 08.01.2018 to 12.01.2018 a grand success. The memorandum jointly to be submitted by all the Unions at Unit Level to the Defence Minister through Head of the Establishment on 12-01-2018 is also enclosed herewith.

General Secretary – AIDEF

General Secretary – INDWF

Sadhu Singh
Organizing Secretary – BPMS

Source: INDWF


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