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Demand for Uniformity in Retirement Age

Demand for Uniformity in Retirement Age

One of the demands of the Association is to bring uniformity in the age of superannuation among the various sub-cadres of CHS.

The Commission notes that the age of superannuation of GDMOs is 60 years, whereas, that of Non-Teaching Specialists (NTS) and Public Health Service Specialists (PHSS) is 62 years, and that of Teaching Specialists (TS) is 65 years. On this issue, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has commented that CHS cadre is facing shortage of doctors due to a number of factors like low rate of joining, specialist doctors not willing to join outside Delhi etc. 

The Ministry has further stated that the issue of raising the retirement age of doctors was considered and a view was taken that the shortage of doctors could be met by re-employment on contract basis. The Commission agrees with this view.


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