7th CPC MACP Financial Upgradation for JCO/OR - Illustration

7th CPC MACP Financial Upgradation for JCO/OR - Illustration

(a) If a Sep in Level 3 gets his first regular promotion to the rank of Nk in Level 4 on completion of 5 years of service and then continues in the same Level for further 8 years without any promotion then he would be eligible for second upgradation under the MACP Scheme in the Level 5 after completion of 13 years (5+8 years).

(b) In case he does not get any promotion thereafter, then he would get third upgradation under the MACPs in Level 6 on completion of further 8 years of service i.e after 21 years (5+8+8).

Auth : Adm Instrs for grant of MACP issued by PS-2(c) vide their letter No B/33513/ACP/AG/PS-2(c) dated 13 Jun 2011 and MoD ID No 1(13)/2011-D(Pay/ Services) dated 30 Jun 2014.


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