7th CPC Allowances for Defence Personnel

7th CPC Allowances for Defence Personnel

Defence Forces pers are in receipt of a variety of Allces, some identical to those granted to civilians and others exclusive to the Defence Forces, taking into account the specific conditions of service.

Allces common to civilians and Defence Forces pers are Deputation (Duty) Allowance, Tpt Allowance, NPA, HRA, Spl Compensatory Allce etc. Allces specific to Armed Forces compensate either the difficulty of location (Fd Area, High Altitude etc), heightened risk profile (CI Ops, Flying, HAFA etc) or a specific personal situation of an individual (Tech Allce, Additional Post Allce, Composite Personal Maint Allce etc).

2.2. The yardstick applied for all allces has been the same i.e., revision has been implemented wef 01.07.2017. Major features are:-

(a) All slab based allces to increase by 25% for every 50% rise in DA.

(b) Rates of Children Education Allowance (CEA) and Hostel Subsidy increased by 1.5 times. CEA has been increased from Rs 1500/- per month/child (max two) to Rs 2250/- per month/child (max two). Hostel Subsidy has been revised from Rs 4500/- per month to Rs 6750/- per month.

(c) Family Accn Allce for JCOs/OR abolished wef 01.07.2017.

(d) HRA will be applicable to all ranks and CILQ abolished wef 01.07.2017.

(e) Travel by air on TD for Level 6 and above. AC III/AC Chair Car for Level 5 and below.

(f) Siachen Allowance will be Rs 30,000/- per month for JCOs/OR (Level 8 and below) and Rs 42,500/- per month for officers (Level 9 and above).

(g) Allces Abolished.
(i) Air Despatch Pay.
(ii) Air Steward Allowance.
(iii) Official Hospitality Grant in Defence Forces.
(iv) Special Compensatory (Hill Area) Allowance.
(v) Spectacle Allowance.
(vi) Short Hand Allowance.

(h) Allces Subsumed.
(i) Kit Maintenance Allowance.
(ii) Qualification Grant.
(iii) Special Compensatory (Remote Locality Allowance).
(iv) Uniform Related Allces.
(v) Washing/Clothing Maintenance Allowance.
(vi) Acting Allowance.
(vii) Bad Climate Allowance.
(viii) Compensation in Lieu of Quarter (CILQ).
(ix) Single in Lieu of Quarter (SNLQ).
(x) Extra Duty Allowance.
(xi) Family Accommodation Allowance.
(xii) Flight Charge Certificate Allowance.
(xiii) Instructional Allowance.
(xiv) Judge Advocate General Dept Examination Award.
(xv) Outfit Allowance.

Auth : GoI, MoD letter No 1(16)/2017/D(Pay/Services) dated 18 Sep 2017.


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