10 crore viewers…90Paisa Blog touches new heights

10 crore viewers…90 Paisa Blog touches new heights

Making a Mark Achieved 100 Million Page Views - "Central Government Employees News" Blog
We are proud of our latest accomplishment – 90Paisa Blog, the first ever blog for Central Government employees, has now crossed 10 crore hits!!! 

From the bottom of our hearts, we express our sincere gratitude to all our patrons who have been supporting us all along. 

The '90Paisa' blog was started in the year 2008. I began to write whatever I knew about the stock market. It began as a blog under the free blog hosting facility offered by Google. Hence, its domain name was 90paisa.blogspot.com. It has to be mentioned here that my knowledge about computers and the internet was very limited in those days. 

With hesitation creeping in about writing on stock market, I decided to write about something I knew reasonably well and liked. Without changing the blog’s domain name, I began writing under the title of “Central Government employee news.” The Sixth Pay Commission was the hottest topic of discussion in those days. Central Government employees all over the country were drawn to the news about the new Pay Commission, wage scales, arrears and all related facts. 

I was surprised that within the first week, on a particular day, the blog had received more than a hundred views. My enthusiasm grew, and I began spending hours researching on it. The growth was phenomenal – much more than what I had expected. 

In those days, the number of websites as well as users was comparatively very low. Internet was a thing of luxury. Only wealthy homes had internet access and computers. Despite those limitations, the blog’s popularity continued to grow, and viewership increased to as much as 10,000 hits a day. 

Observers have lost track of the number of websites that the government and private parties run. From the day of its launch, on the free Blogging Platform provided by Google, we continue to run this blog without even changing its domain name. 

We do have our steady and dedicated readership. We sincerely thank them once again. We also owe a huge thanks to Google for listing our 90Paisa blog among the top search results whenever users tried to search for “Central Government employee news.”

Thank You all once again!

Our next target – 100 crore hits!!!


Anonymous said…
Well done...Keep up the good work...Best wishes - Thoshima
T R Ganeshbabu said…
Congrats Keep Growing All The Best
igecorner said…
Unknown said…
Subject: Sixth CPC

I was appointed on 17-01-2006 as Stenographer. My annual increment was given on 01-01-2007. On subsequent promulgation of 6th CPC my pay has been fixed on Rs. 7510/-(direct entry) assuming on 17-01-2006. My first increment was given on 01-07-2007 (as per 6th CPC) i.e. after 18months. After many correspondence with DFM/APDJ they refused to pay the increment. For this I am denied one increment on 01-07-2007.
My question is whether I am entitled to get that due increment?
If there is any possibility please give circular.
Yours faithfully,
Kalyan Roy
Mob. 9002052014 silikalyan_roy@rediffmail.com Please reply anyone.

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