Agenda Items for NAC Meeting : Parity in Pay Scales between Assistants/Stenographers

Agenda Items for NAC Meeting : Parity in Pay Scales between Assistants/Stenographers

Item No 13 : Parity in Pay Scales between Assistants/Stenographers in field/subordinate offices and Assistant Section Officer and Stenographers in CSS
7 CPC in Para 7.14.j, quoted the following the recommendation of 6 CPC:
“Time had come to grant parity between similarly placed personnel employed in field offices and in the Secretariat and this parity would need to be absolute till the grade of Assistant”.
With this quote, the 7 CPC recommended the following:
“The Commission accordingly strongly recommends parity in pay between the field staff and head quarter staff upto the rank of Assistants on two grounds – firstly the field staff are recruited through the same exam and they follow the same rigours as the Assistants of CSS and secondly there is no difference in the nature of functions discharged by both…”.

Denial of the same pay scale to field offices as of those cadres upto Assistant SO in CSS is in violation of the principles enuciated by the 7 CPC that cadres and categories having similar recruitment qualifications must carry identical pay scales. This also is causes horizontal relativity  between the pay sclaes of field level staff and those of CSS.

This recommendation need to be implemented in letter and spirit by granting the pay scale that Assistant Section Officers and Stenographers of CSS to Assistants and Stenographers of field offices so as to remove the anomaly.

Agenda Item No 1: Anomaly in computation of Minimum Wage 

Agenda Item No 2: 3% Increment at all stages

Agenda Item No 3: Removal of condition of 3% stipulated to grant bunching benefit

Agenda Item No 4: Fixation of Pay on Promotion

Agenda Item No 5: Removal of Anomaly in Pay Matrix

Agenda Item No 6: Anomaly due to index rationalization

Agenda Item No 7: Anomaly arising from the decision to reject option No.1 in pension fixation

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Agenda Item No 10: Minimum Pension

Agenda Item No 11: Date of Effect of Allowances – HRA, Transport Allowance, CEA etc.

Agenda Item No 12: Parity in Pay Scale between Sr Auditor/Sr Accountant of IA&AD

Agenda Item No 13: Parity in Pay Scales between Assistants/Stenographers

Agenda Item No 14: Grant of GP 5400 to Senior Section Officer of Railways & AAOs of IA&AD

Agenda Item No 15: Technical Supervisors of Railways


Mode of recruitment of Stenographers of Central Secretariat and that of Stenographers working in Field are one and the same. But the scales are different. This is injustice. As such this item is acceptable to all Stenographers working in various field offices


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