7th CPC Minimum Pay from Rs.18000 to Rs.21000 is just a rumour - Govtstaffnews.in

7th CPC Minimum Pay from Rs.18000 to Rs.21000 is just a rumour - Govtstaffnews.in

Govt plans to increase 7th CPC minimum pay from Rs.18000 to Rs.21000 is just a rumour

Suddenly a news about increasing minimum pay from Rs. 18000 to Rs. 21000 is floating in some websites. All such news items come with the claim of that ‘the sources close to Finance Ministry on condition of anonymity told government Is planning to increase the minimum wage from Rs. 18000 to Rs. 21000. We are also flooded with queries of whether this news is true or false.

As for as we are concerned we came to know that there was no such plan under consideration of central government. Some websites might have posted this news on vested interest or by misunderstanding the amendment made in payment of wages act.

Recently a amendment was made in payment of wages act to increase the wage limit to Rs.24000 for applicability of sub section 6 of section 1 of Payment of wages act 1936. (see the amendment)

This might have been misunderstood by some media that central government is going to increase minimum pay to Rs.21000.

We asked some leaders in NCJCM side, they told that they haven’t any idea about the news and the authenticity of sources of that news.

Source: Govtstaffnews.in


Thank you for clarifying the news. Meanwhile some newspapers have started reporting central government employees got a Bonanza in June and going to get another. Hell with these ill-educated reporters and their half-baked reports
Unknown said…
Thank you very much for clarifying the issue as it was published in major media and put many of central government employees in confusion. Nevertheless it is very sad that how this propaganda came to the media without any valid source any ways it is rather ridiculous

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