UFBU Negotiating Committee Meeting with IBA Core Group

UFBU Negotiating Committee Meeting with IBA Core Group

Indian Bank’s Association

HR & Industrial Relations


26th July 2017

Shri Sanjeev K.Bandlish
United Forum of Bank Unions
C/o, State Bank of India
LHO Plot No.1, Sector 17-A
Chandigarh 160 017

Dear Sir,

Meeting of Core Groups

We acknowledge receipt of your letter No.UFBU/2017/05 dated 25th July 2017 in terms of which you have advised the names of members of the Sub-Committee formed each for Workmen and Officers from UFBU side to hold the discussions with Core Groups formed by IBA for the purpose at regular intervals.

2. It has been decided to hold the meeting of the Core Groups as under:-

Core Group(Officers) : Tuesday 1st August 2017 – 11.30 am

Core Group(Workmen) : Wednesday 2nd August 2017 – 12 noon

3. Kindly advise the members of the Sub-Committee formed by you accordingly to attend the meeting scheduled as above.

Yours faithfully,
Sr.Vice President – HR & IR

Authority:  www.iba.org.in

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