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Expected Bank DA Calculator from Nov 2017

Expected Bank DA Calculator from Nov 2017

Expected Dearness Allowance for Bank Employees and Officers with effect from November 2017.

The average CPI of the above is 6353.21 and accordingly the number of DA slabs is 478 (6353.21-4440 = 1913.21/4 = 478 slabs). The last quarterly payment of DA was at 456 slabs. Hence, there is a increase in DA slabs of 22, i.e. 478 slabs for payment of DA for the quarter August, September & October 2017.

Now, next quarter of calculation will begins…Enter your expected CPI in the required boxes for three months and calculate.

The calculator gives a approximate percentage of DA form November, December and January 2018


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Expected DA for Bank Employees from November 2017

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