Transport Allowance will be lower in 7th CPC

7th CPC Transport Allowance gives lower amount of Money than Sixth CPC – Shocking Fact

As Media publicized, the Revised Allowances will not make Central Govt Employees happy and its not a Bonanza too. Most of the Allowances , especially the fully DA indexed Allowances are not given any hike. The Govt servants will be getting more or less same amount from this Fully DA indexed Allowances after the revision in Seventh CPC.

Transport Allowance will be lower in 7th CPC

The Transport Allowance, one of such Allowance of fully DA indexed, is giving a shock to All Employees those who are entitled to get this Allowance. Surprisingly, there is a marginal decrease in the amount of TA to be paid in 7th CPC after the Revision. But, Shockingly, the Govt Servants in Level 1 and 2 category are losing considerable amount after the revision of Transport Allowance in 7th CPC

If you calculate your 7th CPC Transport Allowance, you can able to know the difference between the amount of Transport Allowance paid in 6th CPC  and to be paid in 7th CPC

It is observed that there is a marginal decrease in 7th CPC Transport Allowance for the Level 3 and above.

Whereas for Level 1 and 2 , It is a different story. They will be getting less amount of Money after switching over to 7th CPC. 
The Employees those who were in 1800 GP and 1900 GP and pay in the pay band equivalent to Rs.7440 and above will be losing considerable amount on switching over to 7th CPC.

For Example, we calculate amount of TA in both Sixth CPC and 7th CPC for a government servant who fall under this category.
It is surely not a bonanza for govt servants those who fall under the Category of GP 1800 and GP 1900 with pay in the pay band equivalent to Rs.7440 and above. They will be losing Rs .2372 in 7th CPC  because of this Pay Revision.

It is quite unreasonable. The very purpose of the Pay Revision is to give Hike not reduction. The Federation need to take this issue up to the appropriate Level to settle this favorably.


Anonymous said…
Yes, I am suffering because of this problem I am already sent mail request to 7th pay committee and Allowance committee but it is not rectified. This problem should be examined and necessary changes should be incorporated

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