1. General : The 421 operational Polyclinics, approx 52 lakhs beneficiaries and 2247 empanelled hospitals is a true depiction of reach and delivery of benefits under the Scheme. A constant effort is being made to ensure accessibility and transparency through expansion and adoption of technology.

2. Important Govt Orders/ Policy Letters/ Advisories: The following Govt orders have been issued since last publication:-

(a) Govt has sanctioned for empanelment of 36 Prosthesis Centres of Endolite and 17 Prosthesis Centres of Ottobock vide letter No 22B(01)/2016-WE/D (Res) Part-II dated 03 Nov 2016.

(b) Remuneration of Medical Officers and Para Medical staff issued vide MoD ID No 22D(50)/2007/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 27 Nov 2015 and 22D(50)/2007/US(WE)/ D(Res) Vol-II dated 03 May 2016 respectively.

(c) Revision of terms and conditions of leave entitlement of contractual employees at ECHS Polyclinics vide GoI MoD letter No 24(6)/03/US (WE)/D(Res) dated 01 Jul 2016.

(d) Sanction has been accorded by the Ministry of Defence to follow-up treatment from Govt hospitals and Regional Cancer Centre vide letter No.22D(09)/2013/US (WE)/D(Res) dated 26 Jul 2016. Expenditure incurred on account of the treatment of ECHS beneficiaries at these hospitals is reimbursable as per rates of respective hospital according to the ward entitlement.

(e) AFMSD is now delinked from supply of medicines. SEMO has been envisaged with powers of procurement and will solely be responsible for procurement and supply of medicines. Instruction were issued vide O/o DGAFMS/2C letter No 19199/DGAFMS/DG-2C/ECHS dated 10 Oct 2016.

(f) Clarification with regard to ECHS membership, i.e. the ESM should be drawing Service/Disability/Family Pension from Controller of Defence Accounts issued vide IHQ of MoD ID No 22D(03)/2015/WE/D(Res) dated 17 Nov 2016.

(g) Income criteria from all sources for dependency has been revised from Rs 3500/- pm to Rs 9000/- pm plus DA.

(h) The Scheme has been extended to eligible APS pensioners vide Central Org ECHS letter No B/49714-APS/AG /ECHS dated 16 Feb 2017.

(j) Revised comd & control matrix in respect of 37 ECHS Polyclinics has been promulgated vide Central Org ECHS letter No B/49705-C&C/AG/ECHS /2017 dated 30 Mar 2017.

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