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Intimation through SMS to Pensioners about recoveries - CPAO

Intimation through SMS to Pensioners about recoveries - CPAO Orders on 31.3.2017

Intimation of recovery of excess/over payment made to pensioners
Office Memorandum

Subject: Intimation of recovery of excess/over payment made to pensioners.

Based on the grievances received from the pensioners/family pensioners, it is observed that the main grievance from pensioners about recoveries is that they are not informed by the banks about the recoveries and details thereof.

Therefore, Heads of Government Business Divisions and CPPCs of all the banks are advised to make a provision of SMS to timely intimate about the recovery made from the pensioners/family pensioners alongwith a brief description of the recovery.

This issues with the approval of competent Authority.

Sr.Accounts Officer (IT & Tech)


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