7th Pay Commission to increase President’s salary

7th Pay Commission to increase President’s salary

The recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission and the corresponding salary hikes are currently being implemented, with effect from 01.01.2016. The minimum salary has been raised to Rs.18,000 per month, and the maximum salary offered now stands at Rs.2.5 lakhs. The salary of the first Citizen of India, the President, is lower than the maximum wages paid by the Central Government.

All the announcements published by the Central Government are made in the name of the President. He is also the Chief Commander of all the three forces – the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy. All the cabinet decisions become law only after the President gives his approval. But, ironically, some employees of the Central Government draw larger salaries that he does!

The President of India currently gets Rs.1.5 Lakhs per month. But the Central Cabinet secretary earns Rs.1 Lakh more than him. The Central Government Secretaries earn Rs.2.25 Lakhs per month. With so many officials drawing higher salaries than the President, therefore, it has now been decided that the President’s salary ought to be raised.


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