Not Revising HRA as per 7th CPC Recommendation is a big disappointment…!

Not Revising HRA as per 7th CPC Recommendation is a big disappointment…!

7th Pay Commission submitted its Recommendation in November 2016. House Rent Allowance is one of the very important recommendation expected by CG Employees among the most expected recommendations.

A Govt servant is spending one third of his salary for paying House Rent. Considering these expenses of CG Employees those who are living in big cities, Sixth CPC has recommended 10, 20 and 30% of the Basic pay as HRA. Accordingly, HRA has been paid for the past Eight Years and the Federation Demanded to increase this rates in 7th Pay Commission.

But the Commission in its recommendation reduced these rates to 8,16 and 24%. Though it has been justified with various reasons by 7th CPC, it disappointed the CG employees. Since CG Employees felt that only these reduced rates will be paid for next ten years, their demand to restore the old rates started gaining big support. As a result of this, all the Staff associations and Federations pressurized the Government to increase the rate of HRA and it was included in charter of 7th CPC demands.

Already the Government had wasted six months in the name of Empowered Committee to examine the 7th CPC Recommendations. Until now the report of this committee is not published.

The Cabinet gave its approval for the implementation of 7th CPC recommendations on 29th June 2016. It has been stated in that report that, a committee headed by Secretary, Finance will be Constituted to examine the Allowances and committee is given four-month time to submit its report. Till then the HRA will be paid as per Sixth CPC rates.

Meanwhile, Group of Ministers invited NJCA for a meeting to with draw the Indefinite Strike proposed to commence from 11th July, In that meeting, Increasing the percentage of HRA also discussed. The Government agreed to form a committee to examine the Allowances. It has been described as Government indirectly agreed to increase the HRA.


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