CGEGIS was Modified by 7th CPC to give High Risk Cover, but Govt ignored

CGEGIS was Modified by 7th CPC to give High Risk Cover, but Govt ignored

The Best Recommendation for CGEGIS is ignored by all

Apart from Pay Matrix there is one more thing we need to appreciate 7th Pay Commission for its recommendations. The recommendations on living benefits are only debated much in discussions. But the 7th CPC has put human face and showed its magnanimity while recommending CGEGIS for Central Government Employees with high risk cover.

Spending 1500 Rupees every month for overcoming the uncertainty in life to save the family is not at all a matter of concern for Group C Government servants. Because the family of a Group C Employee gets 15 Lakh Rupees at the unfortunate loss of its breadwinners life.

But the central government simply ignored this recommendation and no federations hasn’t say anything about that. It shows its lack of clear vision in every aspects of life beyond service conditions.

7th CPC Recommended the following Risk Cover with Premium Return Benefits on Retirement.cgegisIn case of Group C Employee’s death, the family will be Paid Rs.15 Lakhs
If It happens to Group B Employee, the family will get Rs.25 lakhs
For Group A it will be Rs.50Lakh

At present a family of Group C employee cannot get Rs.1500000 from Terminal benefits in case of an employee’s death. There are lot of families are suffering without sufficient income as the Pension benefits are not at par with Money required to live a decent life. After 2004, All the Central Government Servants are covered under NPS. As of now no one knows how much the family will get in case of death of a Government Servant covered under NPS.

The Federation must keep in mind all aspects mentioned above and should insists the Government to accept the recommendations of 7th CPC on CGEGIS.


Anonymous said…
Earlier Mostly employees were criticising that incase govt apprapproves such a big amount, it will reduce their take home salary. Now as govt has denied to implement it, still it is matter of concern for a lot. It seems like even Govt Employees are playing a role of opposition.
Unknown said…
1500 per month is much higher in comparison to provision available in LIC
sureshmtrdc said…
Madam...1500 per month amounts to 18000 per year. which is very costly.i pay rs.5000 for 30 lakhs insurance with religare. why should i pay three time more to get half of the sum assured. this cgegis is at least three times costly.
SURYAM said…
I fully agree with this.At present a employee's family get only Rs 60000 which is not even a month's salary. The 7th CPC recommendation is good. Better death assurance benefit and good savings also.

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