The Empowered Committee is Expected to Meet on 11th June 2016

Many unconfirmed sensational news about 7th Pay Commission – Exclusive Report by GServants

The Empowered Committee is Expected to Meet on 11th June 2016

Some news on 7th pay commission are being posted in couple of websites -on a nearly daily basis.

All Central Government Employees are eagerly searching for latest news about 7th pay commission regularly. But to attract these visitors, some websites keep posting some unconfirmed news on a regular basis.

When reading this, the CG Employees wanted to check the authenticity of the news with their Association Leaders. While asking them, they expect that the Leaders should tell, “Yes, it’s true”.

But the worst part of this story is the Federation Leaders couldn’t tell anything against their wish.

The top level Union leaders are flooded with queries about pay commission from Cg Staffs when they come to headquarters. Unfortunately they have no answers to this queries.

In addition to that, by posting this unconfirmed sensational news, these particular websites are adding fuel to fire.

In spite of this, News about Implementation dates and Minimum wages are keep changing and coming every day.

The latest news is, the Empowered Committee on 7th CPC is Expected to Meet on 11th June 2016. And the Minimum wage will be 24000/-

More news about 7th CPC

Implementation of 7th CPC and Enhancement of Minimum Wage/Multiplying Factor – NJCA


Anonymous said…
All said and done the Empowered Committee does not appear to be serious with the report as it should have been,since the matter relates to one crore citizens (employees and pensioners). Report was out 6 months back and still they are talking about meetings and discussions. We hoped that Govt orders would be out soon after state assembly elections. Yet there is no indication of likely date of final outcome . It is very unfortunate and disappointing.

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