OROP Anomalies : Write your views and suggestions to MoD and DESW

OROP Anomalies : Write your views and suggestions to MoD and DESW

Public Notice for addressing anomalies on One Rank One Pension (OROP)

F. No. 12(39)/2015/D(Pen/Pol)(Part-V)
Ministry of Defence
Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare
New Delhi, Dated 13.04.2016

Public Notice for addressing anomalies on One Rank One Pension (OROP)

Government of India, Ministry of Defence, Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare vide notification No. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)/Part-II dated 07.11.2015 issued orders for implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme for Defence pensioners. Detailed implementation orders of OROP with 101 tables containing revised pensions of different ranks and categories have also been issued by MoD, DESW vide order No. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Policy)-Part-II dated 03.02.2016 and uploaded on the website of DESW at www.desw.gov.in. The Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDAs) have been authorized to carry out revision of pension of pre 1.7.2014 pensioners drawing pension as on 1.7.2014 in terms of MoD order dated 3.2.2016 with applicable rates of Dearness relief without calling for any applications from the pensioners and without any further authorization from the Pension Sanctioning Authorities concerned.

2. All affected Defence Forces pensioners of various categories, Pensioners’ Association and all concerned authorities are requested to take note of these orders for their information and further necessary action.

3. In order to take cognizance of anomalies that may arise in implementation of OROP orders, its implication on service matters including inter-services issues, Government has appointed a one-member Judicial committee headed by Justice L. Narasimha Reddy, retired Chief Justice of Patna High Court vide MoD notification No. 12(01)/2014-D (pen/Pol)-Part¬II dated 14th December, 2015.

4. Defence Forces pensioners/family pensioners, Defence Pensioners’ Associations can submit their representation, suggestions/views on the revised pension as notified under above orders, to the MoD, DESW through post or by email at addresses mentioned below by 29th April 2016

Postal Address: Under Secretary/D(Pension/Policy)
Room No. 220A, ‘B’ Wing
Sena Bhawan, New Delhi-110011

Email ID: us-pen-pol@desw.gov.in

(R.K. Arora)
Under Secretary (Pension/Policy)
Tele: 01123012973

Authority: www.desw.gov.in

7th Central Pay Commission and the Arrears


Collamba said…
1)With due respect to all
The definition of OROP is so simple but not understood by many till date.
2)Rather PCDA has now
now linked OROP with full pensionable service.
( which is totally out of context & wrong which will not stand in the Court of law)
3)Pensionable service is for eligibility for basic pension thus one becomes pensioner . Full service pension has no connection with the OROP
4) OROP means
A) Same Rank
B) Same Pension
C) Same length( means same length in last rank held .The 7th CPC has correctly under stood & has given increment matrix for each scale ( which mean increments earned in last rank held. To be more precise length of service in the Rank) Note: it is not total service but only service in last Rank held.
5)So every thing revolves around the Same Rank
A)May be pension B)emoluments
C) length of of service in rank( It has nothing to do with the total length of service)
6)With this application the biggest anomaly of pension is automatically eliminated ( This will stand in court of law where as total service will be set aside by court in first instance
7)Present tables of OROP of PCDA will face problem in the court of law).
6)Starting from junior most rank to highest rank the OROP pension will be thus smooth & no anomaly will then exist once above is put into practice.
7)Now OROP revision .At present it is after every 5 years .Which has become useless & absurd with 7th CPC
8)In 7th CPC OROP has been given to all central government employees.
The revision with 3% increments with every year has been specified
9)So OROP revision
After 5 years is automatically killed.
10)The government should issue amendment to OROP letter.
11)OROP revision every year with 3% increment each year in July.
10)The most important aspect is the present OROP ( As on 31/12/2015) becomes basic pension of 6th CPC.( i.e Last Pension Drawn )
11)So 7th CPC Matrix needs amendment.
A) pension as on 31/12/2015 will be entry level PENSION
B) Multiply it with 2.57( in case empowered committee enhances it then new multiplication factor should be taken as multiple )
C) Select in the matrix the new pension depending on the increments in last rank held. This becomes your 7th CPC pension
D) Add DA as applicable from 1/1/2016@ 6%
E) in july Add 3% increment to new basic pension of 7th CPC on 1/7/2016 + DA 6% that will be your pension wef 1/7/2016,
12) For NFU -kindly see part- II

With best wishes & warm

Col Lamba ( one man army)
Collamba said…
NFU STTUS to armed forces

1) NFU was denied by babu's in 6th CPC by one way or the. Babu's took NFU & left Forces in lurch ( defence personnel.)
2) Not only financial loss & but surmountable status problem arose in Commons & Control functioning.
Forces are facing command & control crisis. With in forces viz a viz forces civilian organization.
3)PM .UPA -II constituted a Time Bound Committee.. But Babu's clearly put under thev carpet on plea of MSP. The MSP is in no way linked with 6th CPC as MSP is applicable from Sep.2008 & 6th CPC wef 2/1/2006, MSP is for additional hardship which forces face.
4) Tri services Chief again tried time & again but Babu's again shelved it on the plea it is special work & recommended for 7th CPC.
5) Forces forwarded the case to 7 th CPC
6)7th CPC agrees that NFU should have been first given to Forces them anyone else.
Moreover Fundamental law of equality has been violated by babus for forces.
7)Thus NFU is applicable wef 1/1/2006 and is due to armed forces but so for 7th CPC concrete & effective report is not there on NFU. Probably this also be linked with one man judicial report.
8)Now the ball is in court of NDA government.
9),AFT has asked the government to take action.
"Armed Forces Tribunal issues notice to MoD, MoF on petition seeking pay parity with civil services
It has been contended that the armed forces officers cadre meets all the attributes attached to the Group ‘A’ organised service.
The Principal Bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal in New Delhi today issued notice to the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Finance on a petition filed by a serving Colonel who has demanded that the Non-Functional Upgrade (NFU) applicable to IAS officers and other Group ‘A’ services be extended to armed forces as well.
In his petition, Col Mukul Dev, of the Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Branch, has contended that the morale officers of the armed forces has been lowered by the government by non-grant of the NFU and thus lowering the established status of the armed forces officers since independence. He has also argued that the stagnation in the armed forces is more acute than the civil services and that the denial is in clear violation of Article 14 and 16 of the Constitution “as the equals since independence have been made unequals”.
10) So far the MoD/ Government has not replied.
11) AFT has also not issued Contempt of court notice so far.
12) Forces are waiting for NFU from 1/1/2006,
13) NDA government should resolve it fast along with one man judicial report
14) Kindly pay arrears with interest ( 8% as per RBI ruling on the subject of payment of arrears wef 1/1/2006 as civilian counter parts have got NFU for serving & pensioners.

With Best Wishes & warm Regards

Col Lamba ( one man army )

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