Pay Matrix Table for Central Government Employees

Pay Matrix Table for Central Government Employees

The 7th CPC designing a pay matrix which is simple, transparent, predictable and easily comprehensible. 
Level -1 To 5
Level -6 To 9
Level -10 To 12


Unknown said…
I joined in service on 03 Oct 79 as Steno, Grade-III got promotion in 98 as steno, grade-ii, next promotion got in 2004 and further promotion got in mar 14 and presently retired on 31 may 2015 with grade pay of rs.4800/-. my pension basic pay is 12405/- without commutation, after commutation my basic is rs.7443/- how much i will be benefited on 7cpc recommendations.
Unknown said…
Dear Mr. Anup Kumar Mukherjee,
First of all you must be clear that the Basic Pay is different from the Basic Pension.
Rs.12405/- is your basic pension and not the basic pay. Your basic pay was Rs.24810(Rs.20010/- + Grade Pay Rs.4800/-). You had actually earned(and not any notional increment) one increment only in the Grade Pay Rs.4800/- on 01.07.2014).Forget about the increments what you had earned before the promotion.In previous Pay Commissions the Notional increments were also counted but the 7th CPC CONSIDERED ONLY THE INCREMENTS WHAT WERE ACTUALLY EARNED IN THE GRADE PAY JUST BEFORE THE RETIREMENT)
Your full Pension would be the greater amount between [1] and [2] below:-
[1] Rs.12405/- X 2.57= Rs.31881/-.
[2] Notional fixation of Pay:- Minimum of Pay of Level 8(for Grade Pay Rs.4800/-) is Rs.47600/- after adding one increment it is Rs.49000/- Pension is 50% of Rs.49000/- i.e. 24500/-
So your full Basic Pension would be Rs.31881/-
You will get Net Pension Rs.31881/- (-) commutation Rs.4962/- = Rs.26919/-. Dearness Relief will be admissible as and when sanctioned w.e.f. 01.07.2016
Unknown said…
Hello Sir ,
As My father expired in September1999 , his family pension fixed to my mother is Rs3850 as family pension coz the last basic pay of my father in 1999 is Rs 7700/-
now my mother getting gross pension Rs20,000/-so what can be the increase when 7th pay commission will be implemented .
Navdeep singh
HCN News said…
Great Information in the post
Unknown said…
Hello !

7th CPC has recommended a multiplication index (factor) of 2.57 for computation of the new pay. What is the significance/use of various Index nos. given in the Matrix Table of 7th CPC ?


Jatinder Kumar
Sourabh Gupta said…
Sir will there be a option to get your pay fixed in 6 cpc on promotion & then get benefit of 7cpc?
p.s. i am due to promote in apr'16 to 4200 g.p & i am already drawing 9630 in PB1
Dr. B.S.N. Murthy said…
I do not see any rational in using a multiplication factor of 2.67 only for the entry level pay calculation and direct to everyone to use 2.57 for every one within that scale, instead why not a multiplication factor of 2.67 for every one in that scale and then the number of increments on that scale, there after. All the increments in that grade must be fixed using the multiplication factor 2.67. This is highly discriminatory.
Anonymous said…
When the present chart is not finding the present basic pay drawn,how a New Pay due can be treated as correct.Loss in the next 10 years is likely to be recurring in nature.
Anonymous said…
Some of the comments have great value.The best possible way is to seek for the assistance from !!! Appointing Authorities!!! for determining new pay/new pension due...
Vijay Singh said…
I have joined in the Central Service as Data Entry Operator (grade pay 2400.00 at present I found Rs. 25000.00 p.m.) What is my salary in 7CPC from January 2016. In the pay matrix index 1 to 40 what clerify.
Sir, I also want to know that is Data Entry Operator is technical (non teaching post), when I got promotion and to which post. When I got Rs. 2800 grade pay. Give the time.
kale vasant said…
Sir I retired on31/05/2014 at the basic24060+5400GP=29460/-My basic pension was 14730/- and after commutation it is 8838/- how much my pension will be after 7th pay commission.
kale vasant said…
Sir, I retired in may 2014 my basic pay was basic pension is 14730/- after commutation it is 8838/-presently I am getting the pension ₹26367/ much new pension I will get after implition of 7th pay commission.
kale vasant said…
Sir I retired on31/05/2014 at the basic24060+5400GP=29460/-My basic pension was 14730/- and after commutation it is 8838/- how much my pension will be after 7th pay commission.
Unknown said…
If I am presently getting Rs.2800/- (in macp) gp and Rs.13420/- bp in pb-1 then what will be my bp after implementation of 7th cpc.
Unknown said…
If I am presently getting Rs.2800/- (in macp) gp and Rs.13420/- bp in pb-1 then what will be my bp after implementation of 7th cpc.
Unknown said…
ramanna said…
This has ref to what Sri.Shailen Karmarkar has posted. It is not the no. of increments earned in the retiring post only that would be counted for this purpose.Actually, the no. 0f increments carried forward into the promotional grade which could be the retiring level plus the increments earned in the retiring level put together would constitute the total no of increments in the retiring level.It is possible that a pensioner could have worked in the retirinng level only for 2 or 3 years but could have earned even 5 or 6 incrementsby virtue of the increments carried forward in the pay fixation process in the retiring level.
ramanna said…
Sri. Kale Vasant,
As per option 2, ur new pension would be37856 and for calculation under option 1, u would have to furnish ur scale and the no. of increments drawn in that scale at the time of ur retirement.
ramanna said…
The increase in pension to the extent of 30-35% occurs in case of pre2006 pensioners mostly on account of the full parity being accepted in the 7CPC, Otherwise, the rise in pension is nominal like others.
ramanna said…
It appears that there is some confusion. The factor 2.57 is for Pensioners only whereas the matrix is for both the employees and the pensioners. While the 2 option for refixation of pension is by mf2.57, the variations in mf in the matrix are due to some moderations introduced by the 7CPC in cases where the 6CPC had not made full justice to those groups.
ramanna said…
The purpose of the index nos are for indicating the no. of increments drawn on those levels.The meeting point of the particular level and the index no. gives the notional pay applicable to the employees and 60% of the same as pension for the pensioners.
ramanna said…
Shri.Shailen Karmakar,
kindly clarify the new pension fixation under option 1 with the following.
1. No. of increments drawn under GP6600 1.under 4CPC,12 and under 5CPC 4.
2. LPD 12925.
3.Basic refixed under 5CPC as on 1.1.96 12275.(4cpc basic 0n 31.12.1995 4375/-
4. retired on 30.04.1998
ramanna said…
Sri.Shailen Karmakar,
In my quiry reg. my pension refixationn under 7CPC, I furnish the additional information as follows.
1. pay grade before 5CPC, 3000-100-3500-125-4500
2. pay grade after 5CPC, 10000-325-15200
both the grades correspond to Grade pay of 6600.
Unknown said…
I was appointed as ASM on date. 07-01-1998 in SECR/NGP division in 1200-2040 pay scale .Due to some reason in 2005, I was unfit from ASM category and posted in ministriel staff as O S under Comml deptt . After 16 years service In July 2013 , GP- 4600/- (under MACP) I accepted Own request transfer from Nagpur to Lucknow NE Railway division in 2800/- GP in Mechanical deppartement.
My DOA is 07-01-1998 as ASM, and I have taken my first promotion on 2002 Oct and 1st MACP of 4600/- GP on Nov-2012 and after 8 months later on date 11-7-2013. I came transfer at Lucknow in Own request in (2800/- GP) as Sr, Clerk. in Mechanical (O&F) LJN.
Kindly give me proper circuler if any so i get promotion or atliest (4200/-) GP or MACP benifit because my department telling that you will be not entitled for any benifits and you have already refuse your senourity and came on Own request in (2800/- GP) as Sr, Clerk, under Sr DME/O& F/LJN I have found 2 circulars under MACP rules.
1. As per RBE Circular No. 101 /2009 dated 10-06-2009. :- Recommendation of the Sixth Pay Commission – (MACPS) for Railway Employees. On grant of financial upgradation under the scheme, there shall be no change in the designation, classification or higher status. However, financial and certain benefits which are liked to be pay drawn an employee such as HBA, allotment of Government accommodation shall be permited.

2. As per RBE Circular No.19 /2016 dated 17-02-2016 It is now further clarified that whereven an official in accordance with terms and conditions of transfer on own volition to a lower post, is reverted to the lower post/Grade from the promoted post/Grade before being relived for the new organization/office, such past promotion in the previous organization/office will be ignored for the purpose of MACP Scheme in the new organization/office. Pl. give me the correct rule/circular
Thanks. (R.K.Rawat/ Sr Clerk,DRM office under Sr DME/O&F/LJN) Mo no. 9794832210 (CUG)
Unknown said…
I joined as Asstt Sub Inspector on 23.3.1981 and finally promoted to the rank of Asstt Commandant on 5.10.2011 with grade pay Rs 5400/- and retired on 31.1.2014. My basi pension was fixed as Rs 13,185 (Rs 20,970(BP) + Rs 5400 (GP). After commutation my pension is Rs.7911/-. How much I will be benefitted on implementation of 7th CPC.

U S Mishra
Unknown said…
My basic pay 7550,, Msp-2000,gp-2000, da-14425,tpt-3600, Hra-1150 Total gross-31500/-
exprcted salary on 7cpc
i am non diploma technician in armed force
Anonymous said…
Too many queries!Too many calculations! too many clarifications! too many ifs and buts! But nobody has commented about the forthcoming All India Strike on 11 July 2016! We want everything! We want every single paisa benefit but our service should not be affected! Nobody is prepared to sacrifice even a day's salary!
iqbal ahamed
Unknown said…
The pay mattrix table presented show lot of ambiguities. An officer with 3 promotions are fixed at lower basic than the same officer without promotions. An example an officer with 11 level after 34 years are found to fixed at 1,47,600 than the same officer after 3 promotions reaching to 13 level are going to fixed at 1,41,600. How far it is justified.
Unknown said…
I joined Govt. service on 1.10.96 and one of my colleague joined Govt. service on 28.2.1998 i.e. after 1 year 4 months. Both of us have got MACP at GP 2800/-. Now, after pay fixation under 7th CPC pay matrix, I found that the scale of both of us are same i.e. Rs.44,100/-. Is it anomaly. Should I get one increment? Can anybody clarify?
Unknown said…
I am a family Pensioner having PPO NO. CR/HQ/ACCHS/1715/L-110.
As per 6th PAY COMMISSION ORDER my basic pension is 4050/- and additional pension is 1215/- since I am more than 85 years old.
on the total of both the above amounts i.e. on 5265/- I should get 2.57 times of 5265/- as my revised pension under 7th CPC. i.e. it should be Rs. 13531/-. But I got only Rs.11624/- as my revised pension in the month of July16. I was getting pension of Rs.11847/- earlier for last one year.
Why the revised pension is less than the earlier pension?
Kindly clarify please.

Mrs.Sarla B. Chitre
Unknown said…
I retired as Section Officer in PB 2, GP 4600 on 31-12-2009 . My basic pension fixed at Rs. 12330 w.e.f. 1/1/2010. I have rendered a total service of 39 years 4 months as my initial date of appointment in LDC was 10-8-1970. I was promoted to the post of Assistant w.e.f. 30-6-1984(Now GP 4200 in PB 2) . I was appointed to the post of Section Officer(Gazetted) with effect from 7/2/2000 in Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal, Ministry of Finance, till my retirement. In case I would have not promoted to the post of Section Officer, my services would have continued in PB 2 GP 4200 for 25 years. As per pay matrix now accepted by Government , my pay in S O Grade with 9 increment comes to Rs.58600. But if my services continued in lower grade of Assistant , my notional pay with 25 increments comes to 74300.. Fifty percent of amount calculated in SO Grade would be Rs.29300 and Assistants Grade Rs. 37150. Now please calculate my pension and also may kindly elaborate as to how pension shall be less if retired in higher grade and more if retired in lower grade in spite of the fact that length service is same. It is pertinent to mention that some weighatage is to be given while fixing pension in the higher grade from which one retired to have parity with the person who retired in lower grade with same length of service. This is a complex situation and person who retired with longer period of service in lower grade and lesser period of service in higher grade must be given option to have their pension fixed in lower grade if financially benefitted.
Durga Prasad Shaw, Section Officer(Retired), DRAT, Ministry of Finance.

Unknown said…
Sir I am serving in BSF . I was in 2400 grade pay after 7 years of my service I cleared department exam to 2800 Grady pay on date 02.08.2013.On pay fixation one increment with change of grade pay 2400 to 2800 was given to me . But now after 3 years says that only you can get change of grade pay not one increment becausebecause they says me that I have got only remustrated not got any promotion
Unknown said…
Sir I retired in 2008 in the scale 37400-67000 with GP 10,000 .My Basic pension was fixed at
30635.Cmmutatin 12254 . What would be my Pension in the 7th CPC .

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