Seventh Central Pay Commission likely to submit its report to the Government very soon

Seventh Central Pay Commission likely to submit its report to the Government very soon

"Informed sources say that the 7th Central Pay Commission, which was constituted in February 2014, will submit its report shortly."

The Karnataka Confederation Secretary Mr.P.S.Prasad has said that the 7th Pay Commission could submit its recommendations on the emoluments structure including pay, allowances and other facilities/benefits for the Central Government employees-industrial and non-industrial as early as November 20 or 23. 

The 18-month time duration given for the 7th Pay Commission, which was constituted on 28.02.2014, came to an end on 27.08.2015. But, on the request of the members of the Pay Commission, an extension of 4 months was given to the commission. They were instructed to submit their report by December 2015. It has to be mentioned here that as early as July 2015, there were reports on the official website of 7th CPC that all the preliminary works have been nearly completed and that the report will be submitted in time to the government. Despite this, they sought for a four-month extension. 

Some claim that the Pay Commission was asked to hurry with its report in order to divert the nationís attention from the five month long protest by the army veterans demanding the implementation of the One Rank One Pension scheme. 

Submitting the report ahead of its time would only be beneficial overall. The government is not going to blindly implement all the recommendations of the Pay Commission. It has the power to accept, reject, and modify the recommendations. The final report has to be sent to the cabinet for its approval. That requires some time. Therefore, submitting it as early as possible will give the government more time to get the approval. 

The time duration will also help Central Government employees federations like the NC JCM Staff Side,Confederation and major associations to express their opinions and give their feedback. 

In addition to the Central Government employees, Central & State Pensioners, State Government employees and those working in Public Sectors and the Banks are all curious to get their hands on the report which will be implemented for the next ten years. Of special interest are fields like new pay scale, pay fixation method, retirement age, and other facilities & benefits. 

On top of the list are the recommended changes in the salaries of a Central Government employee. The curiosity among Central Government employees to find out how much their salaries are likely to increase after 01.01.2016 is very obvious. 

The next much-debated topic is the retirement age. An air of suspense surrounds this issue. 

The third much-awaited topic is the pension, retirement benefits and the Pay Commissionís recommendations for the armed forces and those who opt for VRS.

And other important recommendations are listed here...
Date of effect
Revised Standard Pay Scales
Grade Pay Structure
Principles of Pay Determination
Fixation of Pay
MACP Scheme
Increment Dates & Calculation
Appointment & Promotion Policy
DA Calculation with CPI
Children Education Allowance
House Rent Allowance
LTC Entitlements
Bonus Calculation & Ceiling
Recommendations for Women Employees
Recommendations for Persons with disabilities
Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme
General Provident Fund Scheme 
House Building Advance
Medical Facilities for Serving & Pensioners and
Anomalies of 6th Pay Commission

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Anonymous said…
Good. Very good article. Keep it up and write more articles regarding the community of CG Employees and Pensioners
Unknown said…
Very good news for CGE. we have waiting for announcing the same.
singh said…
Very good information..waiting for 7th pay commission,s report
jawan said…
The pay scale and parity between officers and personnel below officer rank should be minimum. The pay and pension of honorary commissioned officers should be next below to Major rank and above to regular Captain. The honorary commissioned officers should give the status as they were getting before 3rd Pay Commission and also they were respected by the British Army Officers.Their 30 + service should give a proper respect by the present Indian Officers especially by the Naval Officers.
MVRAO said…
As per Telugu news channel TV9 news 7th pay commission report to be submitted to Govt. On 19th of this month. 15% pay to be hike as per recommendations
Unknown said…
Gov old employ ko koi benefit ni hi 7 Cpc me afvah failakar employ ko bevkoof bana rahe hi aur last me koi benefit ni diya congress hi theeh thi kam se kam 6 Cpc me achha fayada diya
Unknown said…
7 Cpc me gov ko achha benefit dena tha pahla gov ka pay comiison hi gov kam profit dekar apni vade sab tod rahi hi
Anonymous said…
What about spouse cases
Unknown said…
Third and fourth employ ko jafa fayada dena chahiye gov ki neeti pata ni kya hi
Puneet Arora said…
Hope 7th CPC will increase the Sum Assured amount of CGEGIS for CGE.
Unknown said…
We are waiting for this exciting news
Unknown said…
According to garious news channel only 15 %increase.
Unknown said…
There is a scroll in ETV2 giving only 15℅ hike on overall salary
Dinesh Kumar said…
Vry gud info...
Waiting for it..
Plz write about the 7th Pay structure.
Unknown said…
Is the hike going to be 15% for CG employees? Is the a gud news for us? People who work diligently without corruption will suffer with this hike.......10 years once 15 % hike is nonsense.....Please correct me if I am wrong....Is this a confirm news?
kunnamballi said…
Don't count before it is hatched

Greater Chennai
Unknown said…
Jisne government of Gujaratke employee ko kuchh nhi diya, vo Central me baithke kya deta hai or kitna deta hai dekh lena, Babajika thullu hi milega..........Achhe din aa jaayenge.
V.Krishna Mohan said…
The Seventh Central Pay Commission has announced that it will submit the report to the Government of India on 19.11.2015 at 19.30 hours.

Finance ministry has indicated that the Seventh Central Pay Commission was mindful of the fiscal concerns of the Govt. Finance ministry has already communicated its concerns with regard to sustainability of public expenditure to Pay Commission.

Finance Secretary said that after submission of VII CPC report, it would be scrutinised by a secretariat to be set up in the Finance ministry.

Finance Minister already said that VII CPC, OROP will not impact fiscal deficit.

When the Pay Commission itself was ready to submit the report in stipulated time initially, the Central government gave four months extension upto December 2015.

The VII CPC recommendations should be implemented w.e.f 01.01.2014.

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