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Highlights of 7th Pay Commission Report Spreads on Social Media and Leading Websites

Highlights of 7th Pay Commission Report Spreads on Social Media and Leading Websites

Rumors on 7th Pay Commission Report – Highlights of the report spreads on Social Media and Leading Websites

Photograph of 7th Pay Commission’s Document Spreads like Wildfire on Social Media

“A copy of one of the important letter pertaining to the 7th Pay Commission surfaced in the social media yesterday.”

A crucial document containing the signatures of four members, including the chairman and secretary of the 7th Pay Commission was released on the Social Media, creating a buzz. The document, titled “Report of Seventh Central Pay Commission Highlights” contained the seal of the Central Government, stated that it would be submitted on September 1, 2015. The report showed three pages of the document. At the end of it, there were signatures, along with names and designations of four members of the Pay Commission, including the chairman and secretary.

The document also contained the recommendations of Revised Pay Scale Structure for all groups of Central Government employees. In addition to abolishing the Grade Pay Structure, the new minimum pay scale has been fixed at Rs.21,200. There is also indicated to provide a six percent annual increment.

There is brief information on HRA, CEA, Pay Fixation and Increment. There is no information about the person/s who had released the document. Most importantly, the information provided in the document is hard to believe.

The 7th Pay Commission was all set to submit its report to the Central Government towards the end of September, but the Centre has given it an extension of four more months. According to the government, the decision was made after the committee requested for additional time to prepare the final report.

For the past few weeks, the curiosity of Central Government employees about the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission has increased. This is reflected by the increased searches on the internet for any information on the new Pay Commission. They are eagerly reading up all kinds of reports, analysis, and comments on the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission on topics like new pay scale, promotions, and revised allowances. They are also expressing their opinions on such articles.

There is nothing wrong in writing articles about the 7th Pay Commission based on personal opinions and aspirations. But, there is nothing funny about producing a fake document and releasing it on the internet.


Unknown said…
7 CPC committee can only put an end to those rumors by submitting their recommendations to GOI at the earliest.
Unknown said…
hello, fellow employee, for the sake of good thing, don't spread anything like this which may make further delay for the submission
Sampath K. said…
Please wait till December 15 for 7th cpc.
Sampath K chennai
Unknown said…
Narinder Thakur
Pay commission should revised pay and pension structure to all previous and present in such a way that all may get at least 40% increase what they are getting at present. So for as pensioners are concerned they need more attention keeping in view their state of health in old age and certain uncompleted left out liabilities.In old age the expenditure on health fitness is more and more important in addition to other responsibilities, therefore, they need about 3 time increase in pension and every 5 years 10% increase in pension taking the life span 80 years of age.

Anonymous said…
As per media report , service term shall be 33 years. it means brilliant manpower appointed earlier shall be retired in early age i.e. before 60 where as the duffer manpower who appointed later shall work till 60. This shall not make good future of India. 70% Govt. Servants have completed 33 years service, a vacuum will be created and huge amount is required for such retirement. Younger will be retired and older will work . Is it the sign of young India.
Unknown said…
The LEAKS are the clever baits.
The time will prove

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