Next round of Bipartite Talks between IBA and UFBU will be held on 26.9.2014

Next round of Bipartite Talks between IBA and UFBU will be held on 26.9.2014

All India Bank Employees Association published the present wage revision negotiation throguh its portal…

The next round of Bipartite Talks between IBA and UFBU will be held at 10 am on 26th September, 2014. In the last round of Talks held on 17th instant, during the UFBU meeting, we have already conveyed our view that a flexible approach should be taken so that we can compel IBA to come up in their offer. We will again reiterate our position as per the decision of Kolkata GC meeting. The point is that the gap between our demand and IBA’s offer should be narrowed down so that we can move towards a settlement at a reasonable and mutually acceptable level and if IBA would still be adamant, we have to resort to agitation. We hope that all of us understand the situation properly.

We also observe that there are also overt and covert, motivated and malevolent campaign against AIBEA which is nothing new for us as it happens during every wage revision settlement. Additionally, young employees, mostly officers, are being instigated and misled by vested interests. The attempt is to cause disaffection against AIBEA. From the language seen in the Face Book, whatsapp, etc. most of them are not our members and they also appear to be not fully informed.

Still we must keep our all our members informed and explained about the developments in the wage revision, questions on Pay Commission, etc. because these are the issues that are being raised. Our experience is that wherever we have explained, our members, particularly, the youngsters understand better. Basically youngsters are intelligent and hence it is easy to explain to them the hurdles involved and realities before us. After all, their expectations are genuine. Hence instead of getting angry against their abusive and offensive comments, we should mind our business. Successful wage revision settlement is our target.

We believe that UFBU should move together towards an expeditious settlement as we cannot drift and get into further complications in wage revision. In addition to satisfactory wage increase, there are other very important issues and demands on improvement in our service conditions, retirement benefits, etc. which have to be achieved. We also have to ensure that we do not compromise on our basic justifys in the name of achieving wage revision. Our jobs and job security also have to be preserved. We also need to tackle the issues raised by the IBA.

Here and there we also hear attacks on AIBEA from some of the adversaries. We know these minions too well and such people are capable of only criticism but cannot achieve anything. That is why historically, bank employees have ignored and rejected these elements all these years.

Let us get ready to settle. If not, let us get ready to fight.

With greetings,
Yours Comradely,



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