Will the Federations recommended salary hikes materialize in 7th Pay Commission - CGStaffNews.in

Will the Federations recommended salary hikes materialize in 7th Pay Commission - CGStaffNews.in

‘Expected Pay Scale of 7th CPC’ – This is the hottest topic of discussion among central government employees right now! Hereinafter the topic and article have become the exciting headline of discussion and make countless debates among government employees.

What will the pay scale recommended by the 7th Pay Commission be like..?

Will the 7th Pay Commission recommend the salary hike suggested by the various associations and unions..?

Particularly, Will the 7th CPC take into consideration of the proposed pay structure presented by the (JCM) Staff Side and the Confederation?

For the time being, our only answer is- we’ll have to wait and watch..!

Some of our readers have felt that the suggestions made by the NC (JCM) Staff Side and Confederation are over-ambitious and beyond the realms of imaginations. They feel that such suggestions would be even considered only by the 8th Pay Commission and also hefty hike reflected in pay scale…etc.

The associations and various federations reflect the mindset of their majority employees. Although there is no denying the fact that they have been asking for slightly high, one has to examine the way these demands were made. It is not an easy task to make a sensible memorandum based on acceptable facts. The proposed pay structure suggested by the staff side is designed on visionary thinking. In 6th pay commission also federations were suggested to fix Rs.10000 as minimum pay, but the Government had fixed it as Rs. 7000. Now they are asking to fix Rs.26000 as minimum pay instead of Rs. 7000.

Minimum Pay Scale in 4th CPC Rs. 750
Minimum Pay Scale in 5th CPC Rs. 2550
Minimum Pay Scale in 6th CPC Rs. 7000
Minimum Pay Scale in 7th CPC Rs. 26000 (Demanded by NC JCM Staff Side)

The crying baby only gets the milk…Nothing happens by itself.

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