Leave Travel Concession – Air Travel concession ends today…

Leave Travel Concession – Air Travel concession, particularly to J&K and NER ends today…

Concession of Air travel, which the Central Government employees have been enjoying for the past 6 years, comes to an end today.

Prior to continue reading, first click the Dopt orders issued on 15.6.2012 and 30.4.2012 respectively regarding the concession of Air Travel to J&K and NER.

With conversion of Hometown to All India LTC to J&K and NER regions by air comes to an end today. It is saddening to see that a scheme, that was so popular and enjoyed by all across ranks, has come to an end. 

Travelling by airplane with the entire family is still not an ordinary feat for the majority of Indians. It therefore comes as no surprise that the ones who didn’t utilize this opportunity are regretting it. For countless Central Government employees who completed a year in service and took their parents and siblings on a plane journey, it will be a memory worth cherishing for a very long time. 

Former employees, who had served for 30-40 years but didn’t enjoy this facility, sure have their regrets. No matter how sophisticated and comfortable buses, trains and ships are, they can’t quite match the thrill of travelling by air.  

There are no indications yet that the scheme could be extended, but one can be sure only after the 2014-15 General Budget is presented.

Will Air Travel Continue for the Next 2 Years..?
In the year 2010, in order to develop Jammu & Kashmir and North-East Region, it was announced that Central Government employees are eligible to travel to these regions via air from Delhi and Kolkata respectively. It was also announced that the travel expenses could be claimed in advance. Following this announcement, Central Government employees have started travelling via air, along with their families. From the HEADQUARTERS, where they are employed, they have to travel to New Delhi or Kolkata by train and go to Shri Nagar or Gauhati by airplane.

This concession is given in two categories, on the basis of grade pay. Those with GP higher than Rs. 4200 and above are eligible to travel from the airport nearest to their work headquarters. Those with GP lesser than Rs. 4200 will have to travel to Delhi or Kolkata by train and continue only the rest of the journey by airplane.

These concessions were initially announced for only two years and then extended to 2013. Each BLOCK YEAR can be carried forward to one year, i.e., those who haven’t utilized the facility in 2012-13 BLOCK YEAR can avail of it until December 2014.

This wonderful opportunity will draw to a close very soon. The Government has issued permission to travel by air to the NORTH-EAST REGION until 30.04.2014 and to JAMMU & KASHMIR until 17.06.2014. 


This was a very good act of Govt. towards govt. employees, states and travel airlines. Govt. should keep it up and continue for the better atmosphere in the life of all walks.
Anonymous said…
It is good decision but what is the source.

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