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AICPIN Points on the Ascent Again!

Expected DA from July 2014 - AICPIN for April 2014 

AICPIN Points on the Ascent Again!

Previously, it was announced that the AICPIN points for the month of April will be released on the 30th. But the Labour Bureau and PIB didn’t release the statistics of AICPIN on that day. Instead of releasing the detailed information transparently in their official websites, the departments chose to unveil the number with an air of secrecy. We had managed to find the number and had published them. Countless people had benefitted from it (Press Release given below). 

The Consumer Price Index (IW), which was on a huge decline in the months of November and December 2013. The number stood at 239 in December 2013, but fell two points to 237 in January 2014. In the following days, it rose steadily by a point each month. This time, the AICPIN number rose by 3 points to now stand at 242. As a result there is a high probability that the next Additional Dearness Allowance could be a substantial one. 

Like we said before, we believe there are chances that it could change from 6% to 7% this time. But, a concrete answer depends on the AICPIN numbers for the next two months. 

 The below table is clearly indicate the movement of AICPIN with increasing additional Dearness allowance month wise…(Click here to view updated DA Table...)
AICPIN for the month of April 2014 begged at 242

Base Year
Points in
Total Points
Total of
12 Months
12 Months
% Increase
over 115.763
Total DA % DA% Increase
Month wise 
Jan-14 237 -2 2802 233.5 117.74 101.71 101 1
Feb-14 238 1 2817 234.75 118.99 102.79 102 2
Mar-14 239 1
2832 236 120.24 103.86 103 3
Apr-14 242 3 3 2848 237.33 121.57 105.02 105 5


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WB govt. staff receiving 42% less DA

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