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Expected DA- Status, as of March 2014

Expected Dearness Allowance from July 2014 for Central Govt Employees and Pensioners...

Expected DA- Status, as of March 2014

Expected Dearness Allowance from July 2014 : This time there is a considerable slackening in the pace of the expected DA. It looks as if there are plenty of reasons for it.

As of March, the AICPIN has increased by one point and is at 239. The rapid increase in Consumer Price Index (IW) has been brought under control now. Election is believed to be one of the reasons for it. Since price rise and inflation are under control, there is not much of an increase in All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers. With a fall in the prices of essential commodities, the AICPIN points have actually reduced.

Another reason is the reduction of AICPIN by 4 points in December 2013. The Consumer Price Index, which was steadily rising till then, slumped by 4 points. It wasn’t much of a shock then because the Additional DA for the month of January 2014 increased by 10% and had touched 100%.

The All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers Base Year 2001=100, which was at 243, fell by 4 points to end up at 239. It again fell by 2 points to touch 237, thus dampening the expectations surrounding the next additional Dearness Allowance announcements. It looks highly unlikely that the AICPIN would rise by 4 points to return to its previous levels.

To calculate the additional DA for July 2014 based on your expected or desired AICPIN points, click the link given below:

We are of the opinion that there will not be much of a change in what we had said last time(Expected da from Jul 14 - Feb)

The table given below will easily explain you why…

(IW) Base Year 2001=100
Decreased Points
Total Points Increased Total of 12 Months 12 Months Average % Increase over 115.763 Approximate DA Total DA % DA%
Increase Month wise
Jan-13 221 2 2535 211.25 95.49 82.49 82 2
Feb-13 223 2 2559 213.25 97.49 84.22 84 4
Mar-13 224 1 2582 215.17 99.41 85.87 85 5
Apr-13 226 2 2603 216.92 101.16 87.38 87 7
May-13 228 2 2625 218.75 102.99 88.97 88 8
Jun-13 231 3 12 2648 220.67 104.91 90.62 90 10
Jul-13 235 4 2671 222.58 106.82 92.28 92 2
Aug-13 237 2 2694 224.5 108.74 93.93 93 3
Sep-13 238 1 2717 226.42 110.66 95.59 95 5
Oct-13 241 3 2741 228.42 112.66 97.32 97 7
Nov-13 243 2 2766 230.5 114.74 99.12 99 9
Dec-13 239 -4 8 2786 232.17 116.41 100.56 100 10
Jan-14 237 -2 2802 233.5 117.74 101.71 101 1
Feb-14 238 1 2817 234.75 118.99 102.79 102 2
Mar-14 239 1 0 2832 236 120.24 103.86 103 3

‘Expected DA from July 2014’ completed its third step..!


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