7th Pay Commission is seeking for suggestions on various issues

7th Pay Commission is seeking for suggestions on various issues

The 7th Pay Commission compiled a list of questions and sent it along with a circular to all the Ministries/Departments of Indian Government, inviting their suggestions. It has come to our knowledge that the circular was also sent to all the Central Government employee federations(AIRF, NFIR, NFPE). This could be treated as a irrefutable proof of the fact that the 7th Pay Commission has already started its work! 

Although this is part of the usual procedure, it is a well known fact that Central Government employees treat certain questions as an indication of the mindset of the 7th Pay Commission

Let’s see the questions…

What kind of impact did the 6th Pay Commission’s reforms on the Pay Scale structure have, when they were implemented? Do you think such changes were required? The Pay Commission has included questions about the results and procedures of reducing Pay Scale and Pay Bands. 

Has Grade Pay Concept been effective? If no, the Commission wants to know what could be done to get the desired results. 

The questions regarding increments have triggered curiosity and interest. Has the purpose behind making July 1 the date of implementing the annual increment, served its purpose? Or, are there any changes required in it?

With annual increment fixed at 3%, what, according to you, would be a reasonable and acceptable level?

What are the pros and cons of the MACP Scheme?

House Rent Allowance is currently being given according to three categories, based on the population of the city. What criteria should be taken into account for the calculation of House Rent Allowance? This particular question assumes great significance.

Questions have been raised about the ratio of the salary of the lowest level employee and the top management. While debates on this issue have been on for a while now, it is worth pointing out that the question has also appeared on the 7th Pay Commission’s list. 

The list also has questions and a number of sub-questions about raising Government salaries to match the payments given in private sectors. 

Questions have been asked about the possibility of incorporating attributes like talent and performance in job evaluation.  

The sub-list also has questions regarding bonus, variable increments, performance-based schemes, State Government employees’ pay scales, and pensions. 

One thing is for sure – the circular and its questions have become the hottest topic of discussion and countless debates among government employees right now. 
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