Details of discussion between IBA and UFBU on 03.03.2014

Details of discussion between IBA and UFBU on 03.03.2014

The circular detailing the bipartite negotiation held on 03.03.2014 is reproduced below for the bank employees. The circular of National Union of Bank employees has been mailed to us by Mr Sankaran Srinivasan.

Circular No.2/2014
Date: 03.03.2014


Dear Comrades,
IBA's Negotiating Committee headed by Shri.T.M.Bhasin met the Eleven (11) negotiating unions on 03-03-2014 at IBA office in Mumbai.  From the NUBE, the undersigned participated.

In the wake of the of the Union Cabinet recently  raising  dearness allowance to 100% from 90%, DA/DR at the rate of 100 per cent of the basic with effect from January 1, 2014, benefiting 50 lac Government  employees and 30 lac pensioners which has combined impact on exchequer of  Rs 11,074.80 crore every year and further clearance  for merger of 50% DA with basic pay by approving it among the terms of reference of the 7th Pay Commission, Bank Employees were rightly and justifiably  expecting similar overtures  from  the Government , especially announcement of adequate improvements in the present offer in the 10th bipartite ongoing  negotiations.

Belying the expectations of over 10 lac bank employees IBA said they will reply after meeting the Finance Ministry on 5th March 2014 to our core issue of adequate improvements and justifiable hike in wage load. The Chairman stated that there was unanimous decision amongst CMD’s and Committee members of IBA that Banks are not in a position to even give 10% wage rise in pay slip components.  To this the undersigned sought clarification with regard to “volte-face” in IBA’s stand as confirmed through reliable sources that the IBA offered further 0.5%  increase over above 10%  in payslips  during the conciliations with the Unions before the CLC.
We further categorically stated that never in the annals of the bipartite negotiations with the Undersigned being the signatory to 5 consecutive Bipartite settlements so far, has not experienced this sort of attitude from IBA. To put in nutshell, IBA has set the clock backwards which in essence is retrograde. IBA replied that under the circumstances that when all Banks are struggling hard to keep their respective balance sheet upright and  is constrained that it cannot offer anything over and above of the present offer of 10% increase in payslip components.

Unions also raised other issues like 5 day’s banking , ( which was rejected by Government and IBA  in the earlier meetings ) regulated working hours for officers  , improvements in pension related issues  including switch over from NPS to old pension scheme housing and hospitalization, etc.  IBA once again informed that these matters will be discussed in their core committee and thereafter hold negotiations within 10 days.  However, the issue of companionate appointments IBA indicated positive view of the Government.

NUBE has made it clear that the inordinate delay in finding mutually agreeable increase in wage hike   has caused simmering discontent and dissatisfaction   among 10 lac bank employees.  Any further delay will transgress their limits of endurance and will have deleterious effect in their motivation levels and compel them to direct actions and consequent industrial unrest and urged the IBA to consider adequate increase in the offer in a time frame and at the earliest.

Comrades, should the stalemate continue, once again we remind you that the future at hand may soon loom red before us and we must brace ourselves to cope up with the trails and problems of 10th bipartite negotiations demanding justifiable increase in wage with our assurance of our ever growing strength and unity. We should do as union of good will. We should do with bold heart and good conscience. Get organized and be   prepared for continuous and arduous struggles ahead.
With Revolutionary Greetings,

Yours Comradely,

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