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Feedback of the meeting held on 7.2.2014 between the Full Board and the Federations on Strike Ballot Charter.

All India Railwaymen’s Federation 
(Estd, 1924) 
4,State Entry Road, 
New Delhi – 110055
Dated: February 7, 2014
The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Unions,

Dear Coms., 
Sub: Feedback of the meeting held on 7.2.2014 between the Full Board and the Federations on Strike Ballot Charter.

On the call of Railway Board, a meeting was held today between the Federations and Full Board under the chairmanship of Chairman, Railway Board, to discuss Charter of Demands of the Federations. Railway Board was represented by the CRB, FC, MS, MM, ML and MT. In the meeting, following deliberations were taken place.

1.New Pension Scheme 
It was agreed that this issue will be referred to MoF for reversal of New Pension Scheme.

2.Restructuring of Trackmen 
It was agreed that the Restructuring Ratio of Trackmen – 06:12:22:60 will be implemented without loss of time.

House to the wards of those Railwaymen who recruited under LARSGESS will be allotted on out of turn basis according to their entitlement.

Extension of the scope of LARSGESS to staff of TRD, Bridge, Power and Track Machine Organization and Track Khalasi has been agreed to by the Railway Board.

Railway Board’s letter reg. 20 years service for Safety Categories will be withdrawn, which means, if any person comes on transfer from any other cadre, and at present working in the Safety Category, will be eligible for opting LARSGESS.

4.Cadre Restructuring - Financial Neutrality 
The issue of financial neutrality for Cadre Restructuring was discussed at length, and it was agreed that, instead of financial neutrality, expenditure neutrality will be analyzed, and the CPOs and FA&CAOs of the Indian Railways will be advised to appropriately settle this issue in consultation with the recognized unions.

5.(a) Implementation of unanimous recommendations of the Departmental Anomalies Committee 
(b) MACP Anomalies 
The issue of implementation of unanimous recommendations of the Departmental Anomalies Committee will be reviewed by both the General Secretaries of both the Federations and Member Staff and Financial Commissioner(Railways), including the anomalies of the MACPS, and where it is found that there is need, MS and FC will take up the issue with the Secretary(Finance) and Secretary, DoP&T, to resolve the matter.

6.Upgradation of apex grade Group ‘C’ posts as Group ‘B’ 
It was agreed that the Member Staff and Financial Commissioner(Railways) will go to Secretary (Finance) for getting approval of 3335 posts, needed for upgradation of apex grade Group ‘C posts as Group ‘B’

7.Issues related to Running Staff 
A Joint Committee will be formed to resolve the issues related to Running Staff.

8.Absorption of quasi-administrative offices staff working in union offices/federations in the Railways 
The matter will be reviewed by the CRB himself and the outcome of the same will be known to the Federations within 7-10 days.

Staff Side also demanded upliftment of Railway colonies and improvement in medical facilities.
At the end, CRB agreed for setting up of a Joint Committee to settle the remaining issues of the Charter of Demands in a fast track manner, and assured the federations about his cooperation to resolve the issues within a time bound manner. He also appealed to the Federations not to take any precipitative action.

Comradely yours, 
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

Source: AIRF


Anonymous said…
There is a news of increasing the age of retirement also, which is totally wrong. As already the unemployed educated youth are more in the country, this will effect on their future. so I personnally request the concerned to relook on enhancing the retirement age. Instead may be reduced to 58 years.
Anonymous said…
please donot raise the retirement age. instead decrease the retirement age. which will help for unemployed youth
Anonymous said…
VRS Declared , Give chance to young Generation

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