Our Activities on Sectional Demands - All India Association of Administrative Staff (NG)

Our Activities on Sectional Demands - All India Association of Administrative Staff (NG)


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Hall No. 201 & 205, Vijay Stumbh,
Zone I, Maharana Pratap Nagar,
Bhopal, Dated 11/01/2013
Circular 1/2014

Dear friends,

Wish you all a very happy new year 2014

This letter is being written to inform you the latest position of the activity and also to seek your active support in some important issues which the Association intends to take up, in the interest of the employees.

1. Restructuring of Administrative Staff in NSSO Offices/filling up of the post of Assistant and Administrative Officers in FOD.

As has already been informed that the Association is in constant touch with concerned authorities in the case of restructuring of Administrative Staff of NSSO Offices and it has informed that at present the case is under consideration of Ministry of Finance/Department of Expenditure.  As regards the promotion of UDC to Assistant in FOD Offices, it was informed, the case will only be taken up for consideration after merger of the posts of Assistant/Office Superintendent which is under consideration of MoS&PI.  On the other hand in order to fill the vacant posts of AO, finalization of recruitment rule for the post is needed which is under consideration of DoPT.

The Association has been pursuing the matter quite a long time but no result is visibly seen and as such the GS has met the Director General, NSSO at Sardar Patel Bhawan on 08/01/14 and handed over a letter requesting his personal intervention on these issues. (copy enclosed). The DG has assured me of taking his efforts for the early settlement of these cases.

2. LDC & UDC issue:
In this respect please see the letter dated 11/01/2014 posted in our web site. On the issue, Shri M Krishnan, Secretary General Confederation has advised me to prepare seriously for filing a case in the Principle CAT immediately.  He further said that the Confederation knows the genuineness of the demand, but we have to convince the importance of the issue to the Government. Simply adding this item in the Confederation Charter will not work at this later stage (at the stage of the constitution of 7th CPC). Thus, in order to convey the seriousness of the issue to the 7th CPC also, filing a case in the Court is essential as the CPC monitor all pending court cases of grievances in its own importance which ultimately would pave way for a better pay scale for the LDC & UDCs in the 7th CPC.

 In view of the above this Association is intending to file a case in the Principle CAT Delhi and two Kolkata based Associations are also interested to join us.  In this connection necessary documents are being collected so that the case may be filed by March 2014.

3. Issues of MTS.
Promotion of educationally qualified MTS to LDC as a onetime measure, which was put up by our Association is still under consideration of the FOD/Department.  The basic issues faced by MTS in the Government of India Offices in general     are being presented for discussion in the Confederation meeting before the finalization of the Memorandum for 7th CPC so that they may get a respectable minimum pay and channel for promotion.
4. Two days strike of Confederation on 12 & 13 February 2014.
All of us are aware that the pressure mounted by the Confederation through 26th July 2012 massive Parliament March and thereafter the 12/12/12 nationwide strike in which around 10 lakhs central Government employees participated, became a reason for announcement of the 7th Pay Commission by the Government. The Government has not got the expected support from the employees in the recently conducted Delhi election. Whatever may be the reason the constitution of 7th CPC is still kept pending. Meanwhile Confederation leaders approached the Department of Expenditure to ascertain the reason for the delay but no satisfactory reply has been received. The Central Executive Committee and Extended National Executive Committee meeting of the Confederation held on 9 & 10/1/14 discussed the position in detail and found that after the Parliament session- scheduled to be conducted in the First-Second week of February- the code of conduct for the next General Election will come into force. Thus, if the announcement of Constitution of 7th CPC, 50% merger, interim relief etc before the ending of the parliament session  not taken place; we have to wait at least 7-8 months for such an announcement. Thus the extended National Executive meeting of the Confederation has unanimously decided to organize a 48 hour strike on 12 & 13 February so that the seriousness of the matter may be conveyed to the Government before the commencement of the parliament session.

Being an affiliate of the Confederation and also in accordance with the decision taken in the General Body Meeting of the Association to organize all the programmes called by the Confederation, we would like to serve strike notice on 21st January in support of the aforesaid strike. However, a final decision will be taken after consulting the members of Central Executive Committee of the Association.

5. Recognition of the Association:
The Ministry has informally asked us to put up the case for fresh recognition. In this respect we have already requested the Ministry to recognize  the present Association. An assurance for not nominating any Group B member for JCM/OCM had also been given. Thus the case for recognition is being sent again for consideration.

6. Financial Position:
Contribution of the members has not been deducting from the Pay roll for the last 3 years on the argument that the Association is not recognized. Several Associations without proper recognition are functioning in various offices of Government of India where units collect funds from the members and send to the Association to meet the day to day expenses, till the recognition of the Association.

Since the issues taken up by us are in its final stage and every break in the activity at this stage will affect detrimentally as regards the finalization/implementation of such issues are concerned.  And as such I am continuously spending money from my own pocket for the smooth running of the activity and you have been informed the fact through our previous circulars and was requested all of you to collect funds at unit level to meet the immediate expenses of the Association. But nobody has taken it in its own seriousness and no funds have been received so far. As a result the outflow for the purpose of Association from my pocket swelled to around Rs. 50000/. 

It is once again requested to please send collection to the Association to meet the immediate expenses.

With warm regards
Yours Sincerely

(TKR Pillai)
General Secretary

Copy of the letter submitted to the DG, NSSO


Web site: aiamshq.blogspot.in
e-mail: aiams08@gmail.com

Hall No. 201 & 205, Vijay Stumbh,
Zone I, Maharana Pratap Nagar,
Bhopal, Dated 08/01/2013

            The Director General,
            Sardar Patel Bhawan,
            New Delhi

Sub:    (1) Implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Administrative Staff in NSSO Offices.
           (2)  Merger of the posts of Office Superintendent and Assistant in FOD Offices.
           (3)  Promotion of Assistant and Administrative Officers in FOD Offices.


It is submitted that the Cadre restructuring of the Administrative Staff in NSSO Offices have been initiated by the Ministry in the year 2010 but implementation of the same has not been done as yet. As a result the duties of Administrative Officer with independent charges in various FOD Offices have been allocated to Assistant with 4200 Grade Pay and UDC with Rs. 2400 Grade Pay. And Assistant & UDC by even after discharging higher responsibility retires on the post itself.

2. More than 60 posts of Assistants are lying vacant to various FOD Offices simply due to the reason that the merger of OS and Assistant has not been taken place. The implementation of Sixth Pay Commission has taken place in the year 2008 but the defect arisen in the implementation of Grade pay to Office Superintendent and Assistant is still persists. Merger of these posts has not been taken place till date and as a result the UDCs are retiring on the post without getting promotion to the post of Assistant.

3. More than 10 posts of Administrative Officers are lying vacant in FOD Offices due to the simple reason that the recruitment rule for the post is not finalized.

FOD has informed that all these cases have already been sent to the Ministry of Statistics.

On the above matters, we request your kind personal intervention for an early settlement/implementation.          

Yours faithfully

(TKR Pillai)
General Secretary

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