Grant of MACP benefit to the eligible employees in the Hierarchy of promotional grade - BPMS

Grant of MACP benefit to the eligible employees in the Hierarchy of promotional grade - BPMS


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REF: BPMS / MACPS / 64 (7/3/M) 
Dated: 16.09.2013 
The Secretary, 
Govt of India, Min of Defence, 
South Block, DHQ PO, 
New Delhi - 110011 

Subject: Grant of MACP benefit to the eligible employees in the Hierarchy of promotional grade. 

Respected Sir, 
With due regards, I would like to draw your kind attention on the subject wherein the issue of grant of MACP benefit in the hierarchy of promotional grade instead of hierarchy of grade pay is being demanded & discussed by this Federation at every forum.  

 It has now been brought to our notice that an affected employee had challenged the Government’s decision on the subject vide his O.A. No. 1038/CH/2010 in CAT Chandigarh and that the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh vide its order dated 31.05.2011 granted the prayer of the petitioner and directed the authorities to grant MACP benefit in the hierarchy of promotional grade. Thereafter, the Union of India represented by the Secretary, DoP&T appealed to the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana vide CWP No. 19387 of 2011. This appeal of the DoP&T was subsequently dismissed vide order dated 19.10.2011. 

The Government thereafter approached the Hon’ble Supreme Court vide SLP No. 7467/2013, the Hon’ble Supreme Court dismissed the said SLP. 

In view of the above, the issue now stands settled that eligible employee needs to be given MACP benefits in the promotional hierarchy only. 

As such, you are requested to kindly issue necessary directives to all units under your jurisdiction to implement the same immediately. 

Thanking you. 

Sincerely yours 

(M. P. SINGH) 
General Secretary 



Anonymous said…
Respected DOPT,
Kindly grant on order of MACP in promotional hierarchy for all central Govt employees who have eligible qualification.
Anonymous said…
DOPT may Kindly post a clarified order in their respective site so that all the Central Govt. office's may grant the much awaited MACP benefit in the promotional hierarchy to the eligible employees at the earliest.
Nandanan Thampi said…
Had the DOPT any interest in granting the MACP on promotional heirarchy they would not have moved SLP.Now having defeated do not expect any mercy.Let us go to the court of God for changing the mindset or themself.
NAVIN said…
File contempt and get the order.
Navin jain
Anonymous said…
Mindset of Secretaries in DOP&T are too high to understand the problems of employees below GP 5400/-, . Moreover, for Group-A and above, there is no effect of MACP ( whether it is promotional hierarchy or Grade pay hierarchy) .So,they are not in a position to understand it and thus nothing can be expected from such intelligent secretaries of Govt. of India.
Shri Niwas said…
There is no respect for blue caller employees in any pay commission. I was in the pay scale of Rs. 425-700/- in the year 1980 those was Asstt in Ministry. After serving more than 28 year and retired from service in 2008, I retired in the grade pay of Asstt. though I was promoted in the pay scales of 550-700, 2000-3200 and 7450-3500. I am ashamed of my department i.e. Ordnance Factory Management.

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